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What are the benefits of an Eazi-Grip Motorcycle Dashboard Screen Protector?


While a few motorbike dashboards are protected behind screens or fairings, on many newer models the dashboard screen is much more exposed, especially on adventure and naked style motorcycles.

To protect your dashboard screen from marks and scratches, our Eazi-Grip Motorcycle Dashboard Protectors offer extremely affordable and fantastic protection.

So, what are the benefits of our Dashboard Screen Protectors?

Will an Eazi-Grip Motorcycle Dashboard Screen Protector protect against scratches?

Yes. Our Dashboard Protectors cover your screen with a thin, ultra tough, super clear film that shields your dashboard screen from stones, fingerprints, scratches and marks.  Dashboard screens can easily pick up small irritating scratches that are especially noticeable when riding with the sun behind you, or worse, a scratch that affects your display and obstructs the information shown to you. From just £10.99 + VAT it’s a small price to pay to keep your dash like new.

Do you manufacture your Dashboard Protectors yourself?

Yes. We work with a network of local dealers and visit them to trace the dashboard screens of any new models. The tracing is then developed into a CAD drawing, cut from our film, then tested at the dealer until we are happy with the fit. It is then signed off and listed for sale. This way we can ensure a perfect fit and the highest quality.

Do I get everything I need to install my Motorcycle Dashboard Screen Protector?

Yes. As well as the Dashboard Protector itself, we also include a squeegee, fitting instructions, an isopropyl alcohol wipe and fitting solution.

Is an Eazi-Grip Motorcycle Dashboard Screen Protector easy to fit?

Yes. Watch how easy it is to apply one of our Dashboard Protectors here.

Is the Eazi-Grip Motorcycle Dashboard Protector suitable for TFT and LCD screens?

Our Motorcycle Dashboard Protectors are suitable for TFT and LCD screens, as well as instrument clusters.

Virtually Invisible Once Applied

Our film is super clear and thin, so it provides a near-invisible appearance on your dashboard screen, meaning your information isn’t distorted or unclear.

Does the Dashboard Protector film self heal?

Yes. Our film has the clever ability to self heal scratches and marks. If a scratch occurs, gently rub your finger over it and it disappears. See Bennett’s video here of them testing our film.

Bennetts Reviewed and Tested

Speaking of Bennetts, they have carried out reviews on 2 of our Motorcycle Dashboard Screen Protectors, and John Millbank was so impressed he bought one for his MSX125 Grom too. Read the review for his BMW S1000XR Protector here. John also reviewed the Yamaha Tracer 9 Dashboard Protector as part of his long term Tracer 9 test, which you can watch here.

Over 260 to Choose From

We have Motorcycle Dashboard Screen Protectors available for over 260 motorcycles, but if yours isn’t available, let us know and we will look at making it. If it’s a new model, it’s probably already on our list.

Get your Eazi-Grip Motorcycle Dashboard Protector here.


Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 in News

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