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What are motorcycle Tank Grips and do I need them?

If you’re an avid motorcycle rider, you know the importance of comfort and control while on the road. That’s where motorcycle tank grips come into play. These simple yet effective accessories offer a range of benefits that can greatly enhance your riding experience.

One of the key advantages of using motorcycle tank grips is their ability to relieve pressure and reduce tiredness during long rides. By providing a secure and comfortable grip on the tank, our grips help distribute your body weight more evenly, reducing strain on your wrists, arms, and shoulders. This can make a significant difference in terms of comfort, allowing you to ride for longer periods without feeling tired.

In addition to relieving pressure, Eazi-Grip tank grips also help keep you in position while riding. Whether you’re navigating tight corners or accelerating on straight stretches, our grips provide added stability by preventing your body from sliding forward or backward on the seat. This not only enhances control but also improves overall safety on the road.

What choices of motorcycle tank grips do you offer?

We offer 3 materials for our Tank Grips, Evo, Pro and Silicone because grips are very much a personal choice, and what feels best for one rider, may not suit another. The Evo surface has pronounced domes and offers the highest level of grip. This is our most popular grip for racers, as they are usually hanging right off the bike with their knees and elbows down. The Pro is smoother and offers slightly more movement on the bike. Pro is our most popular grip with road users and riders that take part in the odd track day, as it covers both aggressive and leisurely riding. Silicone is our cushioned material that is best for commuters and touring, creating comfort as well as grip.

The Evo and Pro materials are available in black or clear, and the Silicone material is a charcoal grey.


Are they easy to install?

Yes, our motorcycle tank grips are incredibly easy to install. Our grips come with an adhesive backing that allows for quick and hassle-free application onto your bike’s fuel tank. You don’t need any special tools or technical expertise to get them in place.

  • Clean the surface thoroughly with the included IPA wipe
  • Lightly warm the tank and grip with a heat gun or hairdryer
  • Using a sharp blade carefully peel back a small portion of the release
    liner to expose the adhesive
  • Press the tank grip down firmly onto the tank
  • Slowly pull back the release liner while applying firm pressure to
    activate the pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Allow the tank grip to set for 48 hours for optimal bond

We are only a phone call away, or on social media messaging if you have any questions.

Do they last?

Yes, most road users only order more grips when they change their bike. It does depend on the kind of riding you do, as track riding will wear more than generic road riding. Our grips are tested and developed with top racers including John McGuinness, Alex Rins and Toprak Razgatlioglu under extreme cornering and braking.

They are made from high grade polyurethane, which has been developed over the years to keep Eazi-Grip tank grips ahead of the competition in quality.

Are tank grips expensive?

Our tank grips are very competitively priced and are a very affordable way to improve your riding. They are one of the easiest, most cost effective upgrades you can make to your motorcycle.

Will you have a set of tank grips for my motorcycle?

We have tank grips for over 360 makes and models, but if we don’t have your bike, let us know. It may be that it is in development if it’s a new motorcycle, or if it’s a classic, non-stock tank, or a rare bike, there is the option of creating your own tank grips. More can be found out about this by clicking https://www.eazi-grip.com/custom-motorcycle-tank-grips/

Can I remove my tank grips if needed?

Our tank grips are designed as a permanent addition to your bike, but if you do need to remove them, please follow our advice at https://www.eazi-grip.com/how-to-remove-your-tank-grips/

Which race teams use your tank grips?

Our motorcycle tank grips are used by MotoGP, road racing, British Superbike, World Superbike and MotoAmerica teams and riders, including Michael Dunlop, BMW, Honda, Elf Marc VDS Racing, Attack Performance and many more. For the full list of teams visit https://www.eazi-grip.com/our-teams/

In conclusion, if you want to enhance your riding experience by relieving pressure, reducing tiredness, maintaining proper positioning while riding, and enjoying an easy installation process – Eazi-Grip motorcycle tank grips are a must-have accessory for any serious rider. Don’t compromise on comfort and control when hitting the open road; invest in quality tank grips today!

Order your tank grips here https://www.eazi-grip.com/cat/eazi-grip/

Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2024 in News

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