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Philipp Oettl suffers massive highside in Race One at WorldSBK Mandalika Indonesia


Issues arise with the new and slippery asphalt, a good step on FP2, but the right feeling is still missing

Friday saw the riders hit to the track for the first time on the new asphalt of the Mandalika circuit; as often happens when the tarmac is recently redone, in the first sessions the track shows slippery, and with very slow and insignificant times. As the laps went by, conditions improved, with riders and teams able to work ahead of the races, even if the day wasn’t really smooth.

In FP 1 the WorldSBK riders took to the track in rather difficult conditions, almost at the limit of the “wet” times, trying more than anything else to regain the feeling with the track, understand lines and trajectories for those who, like Philipp, had their debut with the Superbike, and just leaving tyre on the asphalt. Team Go Eleven has opted to use only one set of tyres, due to the limited usefulness of the laptimes. Oettl completed 10 chrono laps, getting his best on the last chance before returning to the pits. A good 38.8 that earned him a momentary Top Ten position, before some opponents took advantage of a new softer tyre. In any case, the times were more than 4 seconds from the record, far too far to understand anything of the values ​​on the field.

Free Practice 1: 
P 1  T. Razgatlioglu   1.36.938
P 2   I. Lecuona   + 0.189
P 3   A. Bautista   + 0.571

P 13   P. Oettl   + 1.911

In FP 2 the asphalt immediately showed itself to be in better conditions, so much so that several riders entered with fresh tyres; in the first laps Philipp is at ease, improving the time of the morning and entering third position. Just when he was starting the long run to evaluate the durability of the rear SCX, and the front, also very stressed in Mandalika, two red flags caused by some crashes interrupt the session. In fact, new unused tyre; so the technicians decide to try a new solution by extending bike length, with the aim of reducing the nervousness of the bike. Upon returning to the track Philipp immediately drops to 35, scoring a formidable second sector, but in the following laps he makes several mistakes due to a clear difficulty in stopping the bike. As a result, he just can’t take out the most from the new tyre, which surely could have given him a few tenths less. Today the Italian team was unable to carry out a real long run, and the choice of compounds will also be evaluated tomorrow. However, it remains a good thirteenth position, not far from the Top Ten.
Free Practice 2:
P 1   A. Bautista   1.33.626
P 2   T. Razgatlioglu   + 0.462
P 3   M. Rinaldi   + 0.964

P 13   P. Oettl   + 1.984

For tomorrow it will be essential to work with the aim of finding greater consistency in the laps, so that the bike is not too difficult for the race distance, which here will be very physical due to the high heat; today at 1.30pm, Race 1 time, the asphalt was over 60 degrees, with air temperatures around 40!
Philipp Oettl (Rider):
“Today it was a difficult day from the beginning due to the track conditions; first time on this track with the new tarmac, it was really slippery. The first session it was good, we didn’t use the new tyre, so the lap time was quite ok. The second session it was a little bit confusing because the practice had been stopped two times by red flag, when I had the new tyre. It didn’t allow me to understand the bike well, and the change on the bike length we did in the second outing, I didn’t realize it completely. Now we have a bit of time to analyse the datas, so we can understand where we are good and where we need to improve. I am quite optimistic for tomorrow, if we work in the correct way we can fight for a good result. The positive thing is that my left arm is completely ok, so I shouldn’t have the same problems of last weekend!”


Massive highside in Race One, Philipp Oettl is almost ok

Today there was the opportunity for an excellent race, it could have been a good one, but once again we were unable to get the result. Straight in turn one to avoid contact, then a furious comeback (even with the seventh fastest lap of the race) until lap nine, when a highside in turn 7 forced Philipp to be transported to the Medical Centre. Nothing broken, luckily, just a lot of pain in the back.

On Mandalika’s Saturday Oettl seems to have found a good starting point, so much so that he opens the day with a great pace, showing a consistent rhythm for the race. The changes made yesterday seem to have given the desired results, so much so that he finishes in seventh position, riding below 34.

Free Practice 3: 
P 1  T. Razgatlioglu   1.32.294
P 2   A. Locatelli   + 1.055
P 3   A. Bautista   + 1.197

P 7   P. Oettl   + 1.698

The Superpole is two-sided; the first exit, very fast, with the German rider entering the top 6, improves half a second compared to the morning and is a candidate for a great result; the second, with many errors in the two “good” laps that did not allow him to improve the time, slipping out of the Top Ten. Anyway, twelfth on the grid, not a bad grid placement looking for the Race, also considering the excellent pace shown.

P 1   T. Razgatlioglu   1.31.371
P 2   J. Rea   + 1.052
P 3   A. Locatelli   + 1.092

P 12   P. Oettl   + 2.122

Race 1, all expectations collapsed on the first lap. After a good start, Redding slows down in front of him and Philipp goes wide to avoid him; 4.5 seconds from the penultimate position, but the pace is there. At the end of the first lap he already has the opportunity to pass some riders, on the second lap he sets a 1.33.882, a very strong time in line with the Top 6. But during the race he is unable to maintain consistency; another mistake forces him to lose another second, then he comes back again quickly closing the gap with the fight for the Top Ten. Turn seven, perhaps caught up in the moment of the strong comeback, Philipp is slightly off the line, suffers a massive highside, hitting hard the back on the asphalt. So much pain, but after being transported to the medical center, everything seems fine, nothing broken, luckily. However, the moral pain of a missed opportunity remains.

Race 1: 
P 1   T. Razgatlioglu   32’47.209
P 2   A. Bautista   + 4.324
P 3   J. Rea   + 11.855

DNF   P. Oettl

Tomorrow morning the Warm Up will be essential to properly evaluate the conditions of the back, then if everything is in order, there will be time to make up for it. Here in Indonesia, as soon as you go off the ‘normal’ line the tarmac is super slippery which is why there were a lot of highsides and so many injuries over the weekend. One night to reset, rest and tomorrow come back motivated and energized like this morning!

Philipp Oettl (Rider):
“I had a really good start, then I was behind Redding, he went straight, and me, too, not to collide with him. I went completely straight, but then I came back, and I went again completely straight. I had a really really strong pace, but around mid race I had a huge highside, and now I have a lot of pain in the back. nothing is broken, so I am fit for tomorrow, but I will see my real conditions after Warm Up. Today it was a good day, my feeling is good and I know I could be in the Top 8, cause we worked in a good way. After the first corner mistake, I tried to fight, but probably my focus was gone and I just gave it all to come back! If tomorrow I am ok, we can have good results!”

Denis Sacchetti (Team Manager):
“There’s not much to say today. We were calm for the race because we had a very good pace, but at the first corner Philipp went straight to avoid Redding in front of him. Our race ended there, because then Philipp attempted a desperate recovery and on this track you can’t miss the line otherwise you’ll go onto the dirt. Unfortunately he crashed while trying to make up for the time lost with the mistake. What a pity! Fortunately nothing broken, but he’s in a bit of pain everywhere. Let’s hope he gets back on his feet by tomorrow!”


Philipp is unfit for Race Two after his crash and illness

Sunday in Mandalika turned out to be quite bitter for Team Go Eleven and Philipp Oettl; after a Warm Up aborted due to a small technical problem, the Superpole Race saw the German rider have a strong start, finishing in the top ten at the end of the first lap, but then he finishes the race in difficulty, never managing to regain the feeling with the asphalt of Mandalika after yesterday’s big crash. Returning to the pits he immediately felt unwell, partly due to the physical consequences of the highside, partly due to an intestinal blockage and headache. As the symptoms were very similar to a head injury, and having a clear mark on his head, he was declared unfit by the circuit doctors and sent to hospital for further checks.

Superpole Race:
P 1   T. Razgatlioglu   15’28.792
P 2   J. Rea   + 0.586
P 3   A. Locatelli   + 1.821

P 14  P. Oettl   + 17.902

Race 2:
P 1   T. Razgatlioglu   32’44.141
P 2   A. Bautista   + 1.230
P 3   J. Rea   + 2.825

DNS   P. Oettl

The Tac and all the tests in the hospital have provided excellent news; no head trauma, no fractures, probably just a severe general contusion and a gastrointestinal problem. Important news, because in less than 5 days we will see the WorldSBK bikes in action on Philipp Island!

Philipp Oettl (Rider):
“This weekend was really bad in results. We were strong since Friday, I am sure I had a strong pace, but I just couldn’t show it. Today we were really unlucky in the Warm Up, I needed to do some laps to get my feeling back, but unfortunately I couldn’t due to a technical problem following yesterday crash. We lost the session and I had to get my feeling back in the Superpole Race. I had a good start, I was fast, then I focused just on staying in the line, not making mistakes, but it didn’t pay.  During and after the short race I felt really strange, really similar to head concussion, so doctors pushed me to go to the hospital for further exams. At the end I have nothing bad in my head, I just don’t feel good I have headache, and I am quite upset for my unfit in Race 2, too. This year, sometimes it happens that things goes against us, but it’s part of the growing process and most important is to be fast and competitive. Now let’s rest and be back in Australia, where I expect to be ok and fit!”

Denis Sacchetti (Team Manager):
“Unfortunately it was another difficult day. The problem in the Warm Up didn’t help, because Philipp was unable to regain confidence with the bike. In the Superpole Race he started well, even in the Top Ten, but after the first laps he failed the feeling, perhaps trying to avoid what happened yesterday. After the race he felt unwell, and together with the doctors it was decided to carry out new checks. I accompanied him to hospital, and fortunately all the tests gave negative results. Now he has a few days to rest, then we’ll see his condition before Australia!”

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2022 in News

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