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Philipp Oettl struggles with overtaking at Misano WorldSBK

Good feelings in practice with just 2 tenths to the top 8

A growing Friday, finally, compared to the last Rounds! Philipp has good sensations on the bike, the rear grip problem here at Misano seems to have been resolved, and today he was able to complete a good job as race pace. A small pity about a faulty tyre in the last exit, when he could have improved the reference, done with 12 laps on the tyre.

FP 1 saw the German rider ending in seventeenth place, but right from the start he said he had a good feeling and excellent sensations, without complaining about the problems of the previous races. Unfortunately he was unable to put together a perfect lap, especially losing in the first sector. In the last outing of the morning, with used tyres, he took advantage of a change in the geometry of the bike, saying he was satisfied and confident for the afternoon.

Free Practice 1: 
P 1   T. Razgatlioglu   1.34.154
P 2   M. Rinaldi   + 0.242
P 3   A. Bautista    + 0.311

P 17   P. Oettl   + 1.317

In FP 2 Philipp started concentrated and motivated, immediately placing himself inside the Top Ten and hammering out a constant pace for over 10 laps. Still on the low 35, then the Best Lap in 1.34.922. The more the laps went by, the more the German rider was able to improve. Once back in the pits, a quick tyre change, but unfortunately the new rear SCX didn’t work as it should have; a lot of sliding, an unmanageable bike, so much so that Oettl had to return with the used tyre from the previous Run. It’s a shame because it was definitely possible to do a couple of tenths better, but the important thing is to be ready for tomorrow.

Free Practice 2:  
P 1    A. Bautista    1.33.825
P 2    D. Petrucci   + 0.451
P 3    M. Rinaldi     + 0.458

P 12   P. Oettl   + 1.097

Philipp Oettl (Rider):

” I am optimistic, today we made a step forward concerning rider and bike set-up, we continue the work from the test. We work hard, i think today we improved a lot and we still have room for improvements. In the last exit I couldn’t be faster cause the rear tyre had a small problem. Tomorrow we have to try the Q tyre in the morning, we saved it today. The bike works good here in Misano, the team worked good , too. I am happy for the support of the Team, we had some difficult races, but we are still here!”

Unlucky superpole and no possiblity to overtake in race one

A negative Saturday, needless to hide it, in the Go Eleven team’s home race; the conditions after the morning seemed the best, but an unfortunate qualifying interrupted by several crashes (with the yellow flag the lap is cancelled) and by a red flag that ended the session early complicated the weekend. Starting from behind, with clear difficulties in overtaking, the race was over right from the start.

Finally, in FP 3, Team Go Eleven returned to the top positions, with a really positive session, both with the race tyre and then in the time attack. A fifth place that has rekindled the enthusiasm after some complicated Rounds in terms of results.

Free Practice 3: 
P 1   A. Bautista   1.33.352
P 2   M. Rinaldi   + 0.245
P 3   A. Bautista    + 0.603

P 5   P. Oettl   + 0.785

Qualifying turned out to be really bad luck for Philipp Oettl; yellow flag on the first attempt, traffic on the track in the second, then a good lap in 34 low with a slightly used SCQ, he returns to the pits, and as soon as he sets off for the real lap valid for Superpole, two more yellow flags, then the end of the session was brought forward due to another rider’s engine technical problem. At the end of the session, thirteenth position, without practically having been able to make a real attack to the time, with a nervous and rightly angry Philipp Oettl. Starting from behind, when you have the potential to do much better, condemns you to an tough weekend.

P 1    A. Bautista    1.33.017
P 2    T. Razgatlioglu   + 0.165
P 3    M. Rinaldi     + 0.249

P 13   P. Oettl   + 1.247

The race was decidedly not very exciting, Philipp got off to a good start, then lost a couple of positions in a contact with Scott Redding. From then on he closed the gap to the group battling for the Top Ten, but no overtaking was possible; Locatelli was glued to the front for ten laps, but all the difficulties in finding the right starting point for overtaking, which we have been carrying around since the beginning of the season, were revealed. Two points got, but here definitely more could and should have been done.

Race 1:  
P 1    A. Bautista    31’29.279
P 2    M. Rinaldi    + 5.221
P 3    T. Razgatlioglu    + 8.971

P 14   P. Oettl   + 33.210

Philipp Oettl (Rider):

“Today it’s a mixed feeling day, we had a good FP3, but then we have been unlucky in the Superpole. In the race, starting from the back, I really couldn’t overtake. I had a small contact with Redding, i lost a couple of positions, then my Race was over. It’s impossible for me to attack here, I couldn’t overtake no-one. This weekend we made a step on the bike, i feel much much faster than my position, but I couldn’t bring home the result. I am a bit frustrated cause we deserved more . The starting position is so important, every time we are fast, we loose the result for a reason.”

Denis Sacchetti (Team Manager):

“After FP3 we were smiling because the new path, finally, gave us results and we returned to the positions that belong to us. In qualifying we got three yellow flags and one red, with the two tyres, and in just 15 minutes we failed to do a good lap. I don’t believe in bad luck, but this time there’s no more rational way to describe what happened. In the race, unfortunately, with the level of bikes and riders, it’s really difficult to overtake, we had a good pace and Philipp had a good feeling, but it was impossible for him to create the momentum that would allow him to try to overtake.”

Ninth position for Philipp Oettl with five second gap to P5 in race 2

A clearly growing Sunday for Philipp Oettl and the Go Eleven Team on the Misano circuit. Good Superpole Race, in which the first nine positions that award the points were close, and Race 2 in which he shows a strong pace, with, this time yes, some good overtaking without waste of time for the German rider.

In the Warm Up, a set of not useful tyres was used in order to save the SCXs in the event of a red flag or restart. Good feeling, however, for Oettl riding the Ducati, who immediately showed himself motivated and charged up for the day’s races.

Warm Up: 
P 1   A. Bautista   1.33.208
P 2   M. Rinaldi   + 0.414
P 3   A. Bautista    + 0.589

P 12   P. Oettl   + 1.331

In Superpole Race Philipp started much more convinced than in Race 1; he made some overtakings in the first laps, then set off in pursuit of Redding, swapping positions with Gerloff and the Englishman from BMW. With the future hard crash between Petrucci and Lecuona, the group is fighting for ninth place which allows entry into the first three rows for Race 2. Gerloff stretches slightly, the number 5 overtakes Scott, but the aforementioned crash forced the display of the red flag, with early conclusion of the race. A step forward, but unfortunately just outside the “useful” positions.

Superpole Race:  
P 1    A. Bautista    10’59.497
P 2    T. Razgatlioglu   + 0.101
P 3    M. Rinaldi     + 0.738

P 10   P. Oettl   (red flag)

Race 2 was definitely the best of the whole weekend; aggressiveness in the first laps, overtaking Gardner and Aegerter, then Scott Redding and Gerloff, with a really good pace, always in line with the Top 5. Philipp followed Petrucci for most of the race, together he closed on Locatelli, often riding faster of Vierge, too. Both the Ducati Barni and the Go Eleven never found the starting point to press the Yamaha rider, and in the final stages the Go Eleven rider was overtaken by Gerloff. Ninth position, back in the Top Ten that had been missing so much in the last few races, but even more importantly a very small gap from fifth position. Practically from the first to the last lap it increased by a total of two seconds, which certifies the excellent pace of the German number 5.

Race 2:  
P 1    A. Bautista    33’06.059
P 2    T. Razgatlioglu   + 8.446
P 3    A. Bassani   + 18.368

P 9   P. Oettl   + 25.255

Starting from the rear conditioned the Misano weekend for the Go Eleven Team, but since Friday Philipp has shown that he has a newfound feeling with the bike; over the three days everything wasn’t easy, especially in qualifying, but on this Sunday he showed good grit and a good pace. The next goal will be to reconfirm and be quite fast on some tracks that don’t seem to be favourable on the paper. Donington Park IS THE NEXT!

Philipp Oettl (Rider):

“I think we can be happy Today. The Superpole almost destroyed our weekend, but in Superpole Race and in Race 2 we made two good races. We missed the Top Nine in the morning for a bit, while in the afternoon we had a good package and a strong pace to finish inside the Top Ten. I am happy cause I think we found a good way, and we have to continue like this. Now it’s time to relax a little bit, then I will start the preparation for Donington; we will have a lot of Races in one months, it will be hard, but if we continue this way, we can be in the game. I am happy for the Team, too, the tough work pays off, today it wasn’t a “lucky Top Ten”, we deserved it on track. That’s a rollercoaster weekend!”

Denis Sacchetti (Team Manager):

“Today we made a good step forward. Finishing the race just 5 seconds from fifth place, I think it gives a good idea of how high the level of this world championship is and how fast we too have gone in terms of race pace, although the standings are not it satisfies us in terms of final position. I think that qualifying interspersed with yellow flags also compromised our races, because with the riders all so close together, it’s difficult to make a difference in the race. we must continue along this path, starting again from this Sunday on the Friday of Donington!”

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