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How to protect your race/track motorbike from gravel rash

It’s almost inevitable if you are racing your motorbike, you’re likely to end up in a gravel trap at some point. As well as being a little painful for yourself, gravel can cause a lot of damage to your bike.

The main casualties will be the panels and the swingarm, which can prove very costly to replace in an already expensive sport/hobby.

A simple way to protect against gravel rash is to install one of our Paint Protection Kits. The premium ultra tough polyurethane film disperses the impact of gravel leaving your paint work and swing arm virtually undamaged. Our kits can be purchased as pre cut bespoke sets, or in universal pieces that can be cut to suit. We also offer rolls of PPF in 75mm, 100mm & 150mm widths, ideal for protecting front forks, chassis rails and those swingarms. 

Clear polyurethane protection film has been used to protect military vehicles in areas prone to gravel and rock chips since the 70’s. It was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from airborne debris. Repairing the blades proved too costly, so the military developed clear film to shield the blades from gravel and stones. When debris hit the blades, it would damage the film, which could be replaced easily. The military continues to use protective films on its vehicles.

Our Paint Protection Film has been tested worldwide.  There are two choices of finish, gloss or matte, both enhance and protect the appearance of your motorbike and it will not yellow with age.  The optical clarity allows full light transmission from your headlights if you choose to protect them, whilst its strength protects from possible cracks and unsightly chips. Our film is UV stable so avoiding differential fading.  Our Paint Protection Film will not shrink or creep, therefore preventing an unattractive “orange peel” appearance. It is virtually invisible when applied and offers a high level of protection to your motorcycle paintwork against gravel rash, maintaining your bike’s appearance and value, while saving you money on replacement parts.

Rather than using template libraries, our fully trained staff design, draw up the CAD templates, and cut each kit, ensuring the best fit and highest quality.

We have created bespoke kits for all the major manufacturers including BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Aprilia, KTM, Suzuki and Triumph.

To purchase a Paint Protection Kit for your bike, please click here.

Posted on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 in News

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