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Hakim Danish finishes second in Race 2 of the MotoGP Rookies Cup

Hakim Danish: “In Race 1, I finished the race in P9. The start of the race was quite good, I was able to fight in the front group. I studied to see where the other riders were fast, and which corners I could overtake. In the middle of the lap, I was a little behind and I chased for the front. In the last 2 laps, I tried my best to go to the front. In the last corner, I hit another rider and fell. But whatever, I will fight for Race 2 and grab my place on the podium.”

“In this Race 2 I got the podium in 2nd place. Almost to get the first place. Good start to the season and I made a pretty good start. The circuit was wet in some corners and a bit slippery in the first lap. I got my rhythm and chased the rider in 1st position. I struggled a bit in the last 2 laps. I tried to overtake and maintain my position. Finally, I managed to get the 2nd place and I can’t wait for round 2 in Le Mans. I’m happy because I improved from the mistake I did yesterday. This trophy is for Malaysia!”


1. Marco Morelli, Argentina (25:42.240)
2. Valentin Perrone, Argentina +0.029
3. Maximo Quiles, Spain +0.112
4. Alvaro Carpe, Spain +0.260
5. Rico Salmela, Finland +1.295
9. Hakim Danish, Malaysia +27.604


1. Alvaro Carpe, Spain (25:40.711)
2. Hakim Danish, Malaysia +0.006
3. Marco Morelli, Argentina +0.074
4. Maximo Quiles, Spain +0.126
5. Rico Salmela, Finland 0.242


1. Alvaro Carpe, Spain – 38 pts
2. Marco Morelli, Argentina – 35 pts
3. Valentin Perrone, Argentina – 29 pts
4. Maximo Quiles, Spain – 29 pts
5. Hakim Danish, Malaysia – 27 pts



Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2024 in News

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