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Hakim Danish finishes on the podium in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup at Le Mans

“At the beginning, I made a good start. After the first lap, I struggled to keep up with the front group. There was a slight deficiency in my exit corner and I had a little gap with the front group. Corner by corner, I lost a lot of time at the corner exit. But I tried to improve my exit corner during the race. I was able to follow the front group, but the rider from behind passed me in the third corner. For Race 2 tomorrow I will try to finish the race podium.”

“In the race, I made a good start and I stayed with the front group and led several laps. So that it was easy for me to maintain my position in front. In the last lap, I tried to win but was overtaken by two riders. I only managed to overtake one rider and managed to place myself on the podium position. For the next round in Mugello, I will do better than today. I want to thank the sponsors, Sepang Circuit, ZK Racing and ZK Racing crew, the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup staff, my family and everyone who supports me.”


1. Maximo Quiles, Spain (26:21.357)
2. Rico Salmela, Finland +0.260
3. Alvaro Carpe, Spain +0.415
4. Valentin Perrone, Argentina +0.671
5. Brian Uriarte, Spain +0.792
6. Hakim Danish, Malaysia +1.798


1. Brian Uriarte, Spain (26:21.440)
2. Maximo Quiles, Spain +0.048
3. Hakim Danish, Malaysia +0.328
4. Valentin Perrone, Argentina +0.348
5. Alvaro Carpe, Spain +0.617


1. Maximo Quiles, Spain – 74 pts
2. Alvaro Carpe, Spain – 65 pts
3. Brian Uriarte, Spain – 62 pts
4. Valentin Perrone, Argentina – 55 pts
5. Hakim Danish, Malaysia – 53 pts

Posted on Monday, May 13th, 2024 in News

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