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  • Do you have any other questions?

    If you have any other questions, just contact the office on 01772 459931 or email [email protected]

  • Is an Eazi-Guard™ Paint Protection Kit easy to remove?

    Yes, your Eazi-Guard™ Paint Protection Kit can be removed with no adhesive residue or damage to underlying paintwork or decals.  If removal is required, contact us for further information.

  • How do I apply my Eazi-Guard™ Paint Protection Kit?

    Please click here to be taken to our Paint Protection Kit application section of the website with instructional videos.

  • Can I jet wash my bike with an Eazi-Guard™ Paint Protection Kit on?

    Once the film has been applied, clean your bike as you normally would, taking care when washing around the edges.  A jet wash can be used but spray at a 90 degree angle and keep the jet wash nozzle 4 feet away from the edges to prevent the film from lifting.

  • How long will my tank grip last?

    Eazi-Grip™ tank grips are manufactured using polyurethane, a material that is extremely hard wearing and durable, but are designed to wear in the same manner as a tyre. The wear pattern will be determined by the nature and style of riding.

  • Can I remove my tank grip?

    For obvious reasons, our tank grips are designed as a permanent fixture, there is no guarantee for easy removal, some removals are easy, some are very frustrating.

    Firstly, heat does help with removal, as our adhesives are initially liquid based heat will go some way to reverting it back to its original liquid state. Ideally heat guns are better than hair dryers; they dissipate the heat better over the surface. A surface temperature around 60-70ºC is ideal.

    Start by pulling up one of the corners; you need to ensure you remove enough to create a thumb grip. Slowly peel back the material touching surface-to-surface, this part is critical, it is called a ‘low energy pull’. All self-adhesive materials have an inherent weakness; their adhesive is composed of thin strands, once these thin strands are bent back and forced into an acute angle they snap.  You must ensure that the material is taken back, surface-to-surface, this is the critical part.

    Once the tank grip has been successfully removed there should not be much adhesive residue left behind. If however you want to remove any remnants we recommend the use of white spirit or a harsher solvent such as MEK or toluene. Please test the surface prior to using these; they can sometimes react with delicate substrates like decals or vinyl transfers.

  • What if you don’t have my bike model?

    We are continually adding new models to our product range, but if we don’t have your bike model, we do have universal tank grip sheets and Paint Protection that can be cut to the desired shape.

  • What about petrol spillage?

    Our specially formulated acrylic adhesive system within our tank grips is resistant to both UV and petrol degradation.

  • Will areas on my bike protected by my Eazi-Guard™ Paint Protection Kit fade?

    Eazi-Guard™ paint protection film offers UV Stability preventing yellowing, hardening and fading of your bike’s paintwork.

  • What if I am not completely satisfied?

    We offer a money back guarantee with all Eazi-Grip™ products, simply return the product unused in the original packaging and we will reimburse your purchase cost. We are continually striving to improve our product and customer service and if you are dissatisfied, please get in touch and we will try and resolve any issues directly.

  • How do I apply my Dashboard Protector?

    Please click here to watch our YouTube instructional video on how to fit your Dashboard Protector.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    Our Silicone Hose Kits are guaranteed for life, as long as our clamp kits are used with them. You will need to register your guarantee by clicking here.

    If any of our products are deemed faulty, we will accommodate with either a replacement or refund upon the return of the faulty product.

  • How do I apply my tank grip?

    There are 5 main procedures when fitting your Eazi-Grip™ tank grip: Clean the tank, heat the surface of the tank, heat the tank grip, apply firm pressure to the grip, and allow bonding for at least 48 hours.

    Please click here to be taken to our application section of the website where you will find a video alongside full step by step instructions to fitting your tank grips. Please be aware that if you have recently had your bike re sprayed this may affect the adhesive bond. Please contact a member of our team so we can advise accordingly.

  • I ordered clear, but my tank grips are pink!!?

    This is in fact the red release liner on the tank grips showing through the clear grip, giving the effect that they are pink. Once the release liner is removed ready for fitting you will see that the tank grips are clear.

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