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Eazi-Grip supports the BMW World Superbike Team with Paint Protection Kits and Tank Grips


We have developed and designed bespoke tank grips and Paint Protection Kits for the BMW Motorrad World Superbike Team.

BMW sent their beautiful carbon fibre M 1000 RR panels via courier to us and we got straight to work on the Paint Protection Kit!

Each panel was assessed with how many pieces would be needed and how the kit would fit, then they were carefully traced. CAD drawings were then created of each piece before being cut out of our Paint Protection Film on our specialist machinery for testing. Once any amends were made and we were happy with the fitting, we cut the designs and sent the kits to the team at their workshop.

Our Paint Protection Kits will protect these expensive panels from gravel, scuffs and scratches. The Paint Protection Film we use is of the highest quality and is immensely tough, while being near invisible when fitted. It has the ability to disperse gravel and even self heals. It also stays clear with no yellowing, leaving the bikes looking their absolute best while providing essential protection.

BMW also posted templates for their tank grips that they required. CAD drawings were created from these and they were cut in our Pro material. Our Pro material has a sleeker profile than the Evo and allows for greater movement on the bike, whilst still providing high levels of grip when needed in cornering and under braking. These will keep Tom Sykes and Michael Van Der Mark planted when they dig their M 1000 RRs into the chicanes and hairpins.

We can’t wait to see Tom and Michael on their new bikes, and wish them all the best for the 2021 World Superbike season.

Posted on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 in News

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