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Eazi-Grip and the Ducati Panigale V4 – Creating the Paint Protection Kit, Tank Grips and Dashboard Protector

At Eazi-Grip in order to create our products, we have a great support network of local dealers. In return for biscuits, they let us loose on their latest models, so we can create our Motorcycle Dashboard Screen Protectors, Tank Grips and Paint Protection Kits.

Our local Ducati dealer Preston Ducati, recently notified us that their new Panigale V4 had arrived in the showroom. We popped over to trace the bike for its Paint Protection Kit, Dashboard Protector and Tank Grips.

Paint Protection Kit

When creating our Paint Protection Kits, we use a clear film to stick to the painted panels. Our designer will then carefully draw the outline of the panel onto the film. All the time, they are checking to see where to split pieces, if needed, to make the finished kit easy to fit at home.

Once all the panels are drawn up, the designer returns to the office to scan the tracings and draw them up on the PC.

A test kit is then cut on our plotter using our Paint Protection Film, and the designer returns to the dealership to check the fitment of the pieces.

Any pieces that need amending are either redrawn or tweaked. These pieces are then recreated on the PC and retested at the dealership.

Once the designer is happy that everything fits and looks right, the Paint Protection Kit is signed off and ready for listing for sale.

Tank Grips

Our Tank Grips are created very similarly to our Paint Protection Kits. It starts the same with our designer using their film to draw the design on the bike’s tank. They sit on the bike to make sure it covers the thigh and knee area, while making sure it fits around any creases and curves in the tank.

Once happy with the drawing, the designer returns to draw it up on the PC. A dummy Tank Grip is cut from clear film. The designer uses this when they return to the dealership to test the shape for fit and looks.

Once happy, our designer returns to the office and the design is sent to the tool maker and it’s listed online for sale.

All our Tank Grips are cut to order using the tool from the tool maker.

Dashboard Protector

Our Motorcycle Dashboard Protectors use the same process as the Paint Protection Kits. The trace film is carefully laid over the dashboard screen and the outline is drawn. It is then scanned and created on the PC, and a test protector is cut from our Dashboard Protector Film. Our designer returns to the dealership to check the Screen Protector fits and will tweak if needed. If it needs tweaking, the designer will return to the dealership again to make sure it is right before listing for sale.

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Posted on Monday, January 31st, 2022 in News

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