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Create your own Custom Motorcycle Tank Grips

While we try and cater for all bikes with our pre-cut Tank Grips, it is sometimes the case that we may not have a design for your motorcycle. It may be that your bike has a custom tank, is a classic, or very rare. We have a couple of solutions though, so you can still enjoy the benefits of our Tank Pads on your machine. Create your own Custom Motorcycle Tank Grips with Eazi-Grip.

One option is to create your own Tank Grip from our cut-your-own sheets. Our Evo, Pro and Silicone materials are available to purchase as 150mm x 300mm sheets. You get 2 sheets per pack, which is usually enough material to create a set of custom tank pads for most bikes.

The best place to start creating your Custom Motorcycle Tank Grips with these sheets, is to create a template out of card or paper taped to your tank. Draw your desired shape, cut it out of the paper/card, then lay it on the tank grip cut-your-own sheet and simply cut around it. For the other side, just flip the template over onto the other sheet and cut that one out too.

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Another option is to use our Universal Tank Grips. These are pre-cut shapes that will provide suitable grip on most motorcycles. They are also available in Evo, Pro and Silicone materials in both black and clear.

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What do Tank Grips do?

Our Tank Grips are designed to reduce pressure on your shoulders and wrists whilst riding by creating more contact points between yourself and your bike. Without Tank Grips it takes a surprisingly amount of work to keep planted to your bike, as you have to grip harder with your knees and assist with your arms and shoulders. With our Tank Grips, they take the pressure off your body so you don’t have to fight to stay in position and therefore make riding your bike even more enjoyable.

Eazi-Grip Motorcycle Tank Grips also protect your tank from clothing rubbing the paintwork, as well as zippers/buttons scratching your tank, therefore keeping your bike’s resale value and its looks safe.

What race teams use your cut-your-own Tank Grip Sheets?

BeerMonster Ducati, True Heroes, Team Go Eleven, Motorapido Ducati, Ashcourt Racing, Puccetti Racing, PTR Triumph, Attack Performance Yamaha, Westby Racing, Martrain Yamaha, GasGas MotoGP Team, LCR Honda, ZK Racing, VisionTrack Academy and Elf Marc VDS Racing all use our cut-your-own Tank Grip Sheets for their bespoke tanks.



Custom Motorcycle Tank Grips Application Guide

Careful preparation and application will ensure maximum performance in all environments and will ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

  • 1Clean the surface throughly.

    Clean the surface of the application area with the enclosed isopropyl wipe or degreaser, do not use products such as methylated spirits, lighter fuel or white spirits as these leave behind a greasy residue that will affect the ability of the adhesive to bond to the surface.

  • 2Ensure prepared surface is above 10°C. Gently heat the grip and your tank.

    Ensure prepared surface is above 10°C. Heat up the Eazi-Grip tank pad and the tank on your bike with a heat gun or hair dryer for the best results.

  • 3Peel back part of the release liner and apply firm pressure as peeling.

    Peel back part of the release liner then press the tank grip firmly onto the tank and slowly peel back the liner whilst applying the pad. Push down between the traction domes and take care not to trap air bubbles as you go. Apply using firm pressure as our adhesive is pressure sensitive. Once applied press down firmly taking extra care at the edges.

  • 4Leave for 48 hours.

    Leave the Tank Grips to bond to your tank for 48 hours before use.

Common Application Errors

  • Surface is prepared using incorrect cleaner.
  • Surface is cleaned using inappropriate material.
  • Surface has recently been sprayed, painted. has new transfers or new logos.
  • Surface is below application temperature.
  • Tank grip is below application temperature.
  • Surface has protective wax/polish/coating.
  • Incorrect pressure applied during application.
  • Tank grips used before full adhesive bond has formed.

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Eazi-Grip™ Tank Grips are designed as a permanent application, and due to numerous factors that are out of our control, we cannot be held liable for any damage that may appear after removal.

Tank Grip Removal Advice

Application Video

Disclaimer: Motorsports are dangerous activities and could cause injury or death. Eazi-Grip™ / Eazi-Guard™ assumes no responsibility for damage or injury caused by this product. It is the responsibility of the user to determine both the suitability of the product and the correct application.
Please note that Eazi-Grip tank grips work on the principle of creating extra friction between the rider and tank and a degree of wear should be expected to both the riders leathers and the tank grips. Accordingly the company accepts no liability whatsoever for any incidental damage caused to motorcycle leathers and/or other clothing worn by the rider as a result of the use of the product as by its very nature the grip is dependent on friction between the rider and the cycle.

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