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Eazi-Guard Pannier and Top Box Paint Protection Kits

Our Motorcycle Eazi-Guard Pannier Paint Protection Kits shield your luggage from scratches, boot marks, stone chips, road salt and tar. They are manufactured from our ultra tough Paint Protection Film (PPF) which offers:

  • HIGH DURABILITY – Eazi-Guard™ motorcycle pannier and luggage protection film provides lasting scratch resistance, puncture resistance, stain and chemical resistance.
  • SELF-HEALING – Eazi-Guard™ protection film will regenerate with the help of heat from the sun or hot water.
  • SELF-CLEANING – Eazi-Guard™ protection film contains an anti-adhesion component, ensuring that dust and dirt will adhere much less to the protected surfaces, making cleaning less frequent and significantly easier.
  • OXIDATION AND ACID RAIN RESISTANT – Eazi-Guard™ motorcycle protection film provides an effective barrier against harmful acid rain resulting from air pollution and the damaging effect of UV rays.

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An alternative to 3M VentureShield, Eazi-Grip™ Motorcycle Pannier Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a non-yellowing, ultra-thin, ultra-tough, polyurethane protection film, designed to protect your motorbike and virtually eliminate damage. The unique properties of our PPF enable it to disperse the impact energy of gravel and small stones, bouncing them off and leaving your bodywork untouched beneath.

Buy direct from the manufacturer. At Eazi-Grip Racing Products we only produce paint protection kits for motorbikes, including panniers and top boxes. All kits are scanned, designed and cut by our fully trained staff. We do not use template libraries and all our bespoke kits are trademarked registered designs.

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