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What’s New in February 2020?

We have some new Eazi-Grip Tank Grips available on our website now!

We are constantly developing new motorcycle products for all the new motorcycle models!


Tank Grips coming soon:

BMW S1000XR 2020

Honda Fireblade 2020

Kawasaki ZH2 2020



Posted on Monday, February 17th, 2020 in News


Where do we start with 2019?

We have continuously tested, developed and manufactured more and more to provide the best quality products to our valued customers!😁

It has also been an absolutely fantastic year for our supported teams and riders!🏆🥇

What an amazing opportunity for us to be involved within so many different championships, from MotoAmerica in the US, Bennetts British Superbike Championship and the Isle of Man TT, to the ASBK – Australian Superbikes Championship in Australia! The Eazi-Grip team look forward to continuing to develop and grow with the help from all of our supported teams!💚

We would also like to say a massive thank you to all of our dealers and distributors across the world and anyone who we have worked with over the past year!🌎

We are ready for 2020!🥳

Posted on Monday, January 6th, 2020 in News


Introducing our New Eazi-Grip™ Dashboard Protector Range which is the perfect addition to your Eazi-Grip™ Stone Chip Protection.

Offering Anti-Glare and Anti-Scratch properties, our Dashboard Protectors provide excellent screen coverage with an exceptionally simple installation process.

Each kit comes complete with a Step-By-Step guide, 1 Dashboard Protector, 1 Squeegee, 1 Bottle of Solution (Requires added water) and 1 Eazi-Grip™ cleansing Wipe.

We currently have 100+ Motorcycle model designs and we are always working hard to improve and increase our product range.

Take a look through our range now!


Posted on Monday, December 2nd, 2019 in News

Why do I need Motorcycle Paint Protection?

Have you just bought your dream motorcycle and now you are terrified of getting any gravel or stone chips on the paint work?


If this is a worry, you need Eazi-Guard Stone Chip Protection!

Eazi-Guard™ stone chip protection film is designed to protect your bike and virtually eliminate damage.

The unique properties of our Protection film enable it to disperse the impact energy of gravel and small stones, bouncing them off and leaving your bodywork untouched beneath. This allows you to worry less about the resale value of your bike and simply enjoy the riding.




Eazi-Guard™ Paint Protection Kits are super easy to fit, with sectional pieces, that in conjunction with our advanced fitting solution, simply float into place. If you feel as if the piece of Eazi-Guard™ is not in the correct place whilst fitting, you can remove, respray and realign without any hassle!

Our standard kits cover the tip of the front mudguard, front fork shields, nose cone, leading edges of the fairings and tail unit. 

If you have any problems whilst fitting your Eazi-Guard, contact us on 01772 641 818.

Just remember to take your time and be patient!

Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 in News


The highly anticipated BMW S1000RR 2019 can now be protected by our Eazi-Guard Stone Chip Protection Kits.

Our Stone Chip kits provide the perfect protection for your new motorcycle from the stones and gravel on the road!🔒

We also have a bike specific Eazi-Grip Tank Grip to allow more grip whilst touring and/or racing!

For more information about any of these products, click the link below!



Posted on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 in News

NEW BMW S1000RR Eazi-Grip Tank Grip Review by George Lee Sye from The Moto Project!

Take a look at another amazing review of our PRO Black Eazi-Grip Tank Grip for the BMW S1000RR by The Moto Project 🏍

He first reviewed our Tank grips on his BMW R1200GS, but loved the Eazi-Grip Tank Grips that much, he has purchased them for all his Motorbikes.

He believes that our Tank Grips are the best on the market and he shows you why👀

He shares all news stories as well as podcasted conversations with motorcycle racers, collectors, writers, commentators and enthusiasts 😎

If you’re interested in your own Eazi-Grip Tank Grips or any of our other products, have a look at our Eazi-Grip and Eazi-Guard pages for more information👀

Posted on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 in News

BMW R1200GS Eazi-Grip Tank Grip Review by George Lee Sye from The Moto Project!

Take a look at this fantastic review of our PRO Black Eazi-Grip Tank Grip for the BMW R1200GS by The Moto Project 🏍

George runs The Moto Project and is based in Australia 🔥 

He shares all news stories as well as podcasted conversations with motorcycle racers, collectors, writers, commentators and enthusiasts 😎

If you’re interested in your own Eazi-Grip Tank Grips or any of our other products, have a look at our Eazi-Grip and Eazi-Guard pages for more information👀

Posted on Thursday, July 18th, 2019 in News

Successful start to NW200 2019 for Eazi-Grip Supported Teams and Riders!

After a successful Practice day on Tuesday for Eazi-Grip Supported Riders and Teams, Thursday proved to be even more entertaining at The North West 200!

Supersport Race 1 saw Lee Johnston gain a fantastic victory followed by Dean Harrison and James Hillier! All three top riders were using Eazi-Grip Tank Grips aswell as Silicone Engineering Racing being fitted with our Custom Fit Eazi-Guard Paint Protection!

Supported Rider Glenn Irwin for JG Speedfit Kawasaki also provided us with a fantastic display of racing, gaining a podium place behind Peter Hickman in the Superstock race. 

We wish all of our supported teams and riders the best of luck for the final day of the North West 200 tomorrow!


📸Images by Stephen Davison – www.stephendavison.photoshelter.com 📸

Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2019 in News

Eazi-Guard Motorbike Paint Protection for Silicone Engineering Racing!

The Eazi-Grip team visited Silicone Engineering Racing yesterday, providing the team with Eazi-Grip Tank Grips and our Approved fitter Justin was with us from Armour Factory fitting all the motorbikes with Eazi-Guard Motorcycle Paint Protection!

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dean Harrison about Eazi-Guard and asked him why he wants it on his bike!

“as you can see from the weekend at Oulton we ended up going through the gravel which wasn’t planned, and you can see how it protected all the swing arm”  Dean Harrison – Silicone Engineering Rider

Dean highlighted that they use Eazi-Guard Motorbike Paint Protection not only for the fairings and the front of the bike, but also on the swing arm! We also discussed why Eazi-Guard is essential on the motorbike with Silicone Engineering Team Manager, Paul Iddon.

“They get peppered with all the stones and debris off the public roads, obviously at the speed that they go! At times it’s like they have been shot with a shot gun, they come back with holes in the screens. By putting Eazi-Guard obviously on the obvious areas on the front of the fairings, it protects the paint work which is quite expensive to have done anyway. We also put it on everything that has a leading edge, the fork leg, bottom of the fork legs, the mud guard… anything that you can see we use the tape that you supply.”  

Paul Iddon – Team Manager


We had a great time up at Silicone Engineering, both Dean and Paul focus on the paint protection that our Eazi-Guard Stone Chip Protection provides to their custom paint work which can be extremely expensive to repair. We wish them all the best at their upcoming races and especially for the Isle of Man TT!

Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2019 in News

Phil Armes continues to defy the odds using Eazi-Grip Tank Grips!

We had the pleasure of meeting Phil Armes at the Official BSB Testing last week at Silverstone. We are keen to share his story and the impact of using Eazi-Grip Tank Grips has had on his confidence getting back on the course.

In August 1995 Phil Armes’ motorcycle racing career came to an abrupt end when he crashed at the Ulster Grand Prix and broke his back, leaving him paralysed from the lower chest down, and confined to a wheelchair.
Fast forward 18 years and the father of three was invited, as a past winner, to take part in the 90th anniversary celebrations of the Manx Grand Prix on the world famous TT course in the Isle of Man. This included a parade lap which the organisers agreed that Phil could take part in, if he could prove he was safe and competent to do so.
After learning to ride again on a modified bike at The Bike Experience charity at Silverstone race circuit he took on the challenge of riding the world’s toughest track in September 2013. It didn’t all go according to plan and a technical issue forced Phil to pull out after 24 miles of the 37 ¾ mile circuit. Two subsequent attempts in 2014 and 2015 were thwarted by a combination of technical and weather problems, but on August 29th 2016 Phil became the first paraplegic to complete a solo lap of the TT course on his Triumph Daytona 675.
After finishing the lap Phil said, “that was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done on a motorcycle, but also one of the most rewarding. To be able to ride the TT course again was certainly something I never thought would be possible, but it just goes to show that if you put your mind to something you can often get a great outcome.”
The Triumph Daytona was fitted with several technical modifications including a duel brake lever on the right handlebar, a Pro-Shift gear change unit with auto-blipper which allowed for thumb operated gear changes, and extended footrests with cycle toe clips to secure Phil’s feet safely. But one of the simplest additions, that made one of the biggest improvements was the fitting of Eazi-Grip tank grips. Being paralysed means that Phil can slide in the seat, and the extra grip between his knees and the tank eliminated much of this problem and made life so much easier.

Riding the TT course was the height of his return to two wheels, but just two weeks prior to this historic ride, he also made an emotional return to Northern Ireland to successfully complete a lap of the Ulster GP track that he crashed at 21 years ago. He commented afterwards, “the Dundrod track is known as the fastest road race in the world, but it took me 21 years to complete a lap which has to be some sort of record in it’s own right!”

We are so pleased to have been a part of Phil’s journey and wish him all the best for the future.

Posted on Monday, April 15th, 2019 in News

California Superbike School Australia to Launch CSS Japan!

California Superbike School Australia have been at the Osaka and Tokyo Motorcycle shows to launch CSS Japan!



Their CSS Lean Bike was on full display for all the visitors to see and test, equipped with Eazi-Grip Tank Grips 💪😍

For more information about CSSAU take a look at www.superbikeschool.com.au/

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2019 in News

Monteblanco and Seville BSB Official Testing 2019!

Official Bennetts British Superbike Championship testing in Seville and Portimao over the past couple of weeks has been a success for all Eazi-Grip™ supported teams 💪

It was fantastic to see some of the supported riders such as Scott Redding and Jason O’Halloran at the front in the First Official BSB test using Eazi-Grip Tank Grips 🏍️🙌

We look forward to Silverstone Testing on 9th April and the start of the 2019 BSB Season!


Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2019 in News

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