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Bespoke packaging now available


We have recently re-packaged our products for retailers in purpose built blister packaging and can supply insert cards in German/French/Spanish/Italian languages.

We also offer the facility to package with retailers own insert cards. You can provide us with your own cards, or we can print 1,000 inserts using your design for £250.00 and package in-house before dispatch.

Application Guidelines

Eazi-Grip always provides a non slip surface that is:

* Durable



For best results, follow the instructions below to ensure maximum performance in all environments.

1) Material Storage

Ensure that the Tank Grips are kept in dry, warm conditions in the original protective packaging before application.

2) Surface Preparation

A clean dry surface is essential. Use an IPA cleaner to remove all surface contaminants. Do not use methylated spirits/petrol/lighter fuel etc, as these leave behind a thin greasy residue. Ensure that the prepared surface is above 10 degree centigrade. Heat the Eazi-Grip Tank Grip and the tank on your bike with a heat gun or hair dryer for best results.

3) Eazi-Grip Application

Peel back part of the release liner then apply the Tank Grip firmly onto the tank and slowly peel back the liner whilst applying the pad. Push down between the traction domes and take care not to trap air bubbles as you go.

4) Finish

Once applied, press down firmly using even pressure taking care round the edges.

Posted on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 in News

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