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Installing Paint Protective Film to your motorcycle – Behind the scenes creating, fitting and testing our Motorcycle Paint Protection Kit with McAMS Yamaha

Installing Paint Protective Film to your motorcycle – Behind the scenes creating, fitting and testing our Motorcycle Paint Protection Kit with McAMS Yamaha

We visited McAMS Yamaha at Oulton Park at the end of September to collect their unpainted carbon fiber nose cone for Jason O’Halloran’s BSB Yamaha R1M. The brief was to create a Paint Protection Kit for the nose, and for McAMS Yamaha to test its effectiveness in the last round of the BSB championship at Brands Hatch.

When we arrived back at Eazi-Grip, we were curious how our road Yamaha R1M Paint Protection Kit would fit, and to see how much the race bikes differ in design. As you can see, the McAMS Yamaha nose is wider, taller and doesn’t need the mirror cutouts. It is also one piece on the sides, rather than having a panel gap that appears on the road bike.
How are our Motorcycle Paint Protection Kits made?
We started the design process by masking up the nose in our clear film and tracing the pieces for the bespoke kit.

The tracings were scanned and opened in Illustrator, where our designer created the digital drawings, showed by the red line on this piece.

Once the pieces are drawn up, we cut a test kit from our Paint Protection Film.

We fit the test kit and make a note of any amends that are needed. In this case where the pieces met, they overlapped slightly, and the side pieces needed trimming at the bottom.

The amends were made and the kit was refitted to make sure it was right. Then it was off back to McAMS for the nose to get painted.

How does the Motorcycle Paint Protection Kit look when fitted to the bike?

Arriving at Brands Hatch, we headed straight to the McAMS garage to fit the Paint Protection Kit to Jason O’Halloran’s R1 nose. Once fitted it is very hard to see.

The nose was fitted back on to Jason O’Halloran’s bike and off he went around Brands Hatch for Race One.

How does Eazi-Grip’s Motorcycle Paint Protection Kit look after it has been through a couple of BSB races?

When Jason returned, we had a look at the kit and it had protected the nose from various chips and marks.

But then, in Race Two…

Jason suffered a crash when battling with another rider, fortunately he was ok.

The bike went down on the side of the nose, it had taken up the edge of the film on the impact and slide, but when we peeled the film back, the stickers and majority of the paint were still as good as new.

The front of the nose showed signs of marks and a nasty chip. We removed the film to reveal it was fine underneath.

The sides of the nose had a few marks, but again the panels were fine underneath once the film was peeled away.

Our Paint Protection Kit protected the majority of the paint work in a fast BSB crash, when it is designed for shielding against stone chips and marks from every day road use.

Thanks to our protection, the nose can be easily repaired.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2022 in News

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