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Eazi-Grip Supported FS-3 Racing BSB Report

Oulton Park really is a beautiful setting for a racing circuit and the track itself is a riders’ favourite with its mix of corners and undulations. Quite different from the flat and featureless layout of Silverstone. Our Rapid Fulfillment Kawasaki ZX-10RRs work well at this sort of track and Danny and Lee also go well here too. We were quietly confident for a good weekend.

We were blessed with glorious autumn weather throughout the weekend, but sadly no spectators to enjoy the setting and the spectacle of superbikes racing wheel to wheel. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic had tightened its grip and put the organisers under increased pressure to provide a safe working environment for all concerned.

The aim was to convert Danny’s top of the timing screen speed into some solid race results and for Lee to extend his excellent run of results as he becomes ever more familiar with his superbike.

Free Practice One.
All ready to go by mid-afternoon on the Friday. 45 minutes for the riders to dial themselves into the track. It may be beautiful but on a 220bhp, 170kg superbike the high-speed corners, tight chicanes and blind crests really get the boys’ attention. In normal times we would have had a test day and an earlier round, this time it was straight in. Danny and Lee were wide-eyed after their first runs!
It’s the same for everyone, and in the event Danny headed the times for most of the session, pipped by O’Halloran using a new tyre for a final run. P2 in a 1.36 on the 17th of his 18 laps. Lee was quickly into the swing of things too and ended the session P5. On the final of his 16 laps he was only 0.3 off Danny’s lap time. Good start.

Free Practice Two.
Riders are never comfortable on the bikes here so fine-tuning chassis set up and engine mapping to make things as comfortable as possible is the order of the day. There has been a lot of talk about issues with this year’s Pirelli tyres. Other than wear issues at Silverstone, we have had no problems with tyres. Like most others, we run the soft front and rear options which are providing consistent performance. However, something has certainly mixed up the grid. Eight different winners from nine races so far on four makes of machine. Surprisingly, the three Ducatis which were so dominant in 2019 were not having it all their own way. Time for us to join the party.
Danny finished the session top of the times with his sixth lap 1.2 faster than his Friday mark. 0.4 faster than O’Halloran and over a second faster than most of the front-runners going into qualifying. Lee spent 18 laps working on refining the feel of his bike, mostly focused on stability over the crests to keep the front wheel down. He was 15th overall but had improved on his Friday time and his ideal lap – the sum of his best sector times – suggested he had good ultimate pace.

A 30-minute, non-stop session this year, with the opportunity for two short runs on new tyres. A big issue would be traffic and finding a clear lap. 28 riders on a mix of out laps, in laps and fast laps, coupled with the nature of the track layout, was always going to make finding space a challenge.
On his first run Danny bettered his morning time by 0.2 but had had to wait until his seventh lap to get in a decent time. Others fared better and went faster so there was work to do. Lee’s first run was shorter and produced a time 0.5 faster than in free practice. Looking on from the pit wall, we calculated his ideal lap was a good half a second faster so a clear lap on his second run would be critical.

Because he’d stayed out longer initially, Danny’s second run would be a shorter, out lap and four flying laps when everyone was on track. In the event he came close but didn’t improve on his time. It looked like he would have to settle for P4 or 5. After his short first run, Lee was out early on to a clear track and immediately found his rhythm and improved his time by the missing 0.5 – 1.35.1. Then a slower lap to re-group, followed by two more laps in the 1.35.1 bracket. Looked like he would be on the third row, but his ideal lap was another 0.3 faster. Then on his 11th and penultimate circuit Lee got everything just right and found 0.5 for a very impressive 1.34.6. What’s more his time was just one-thousandth of a second faster than Danny’s! They would line up on the second row – P6 and P7.

Eyes down for a hard race as the top ten were all within tenths of each other.

Race One.
The new format Saturday afternoon race at 16 laps is a couple of laps shorter than the Sunday rounds. As always at Oulton Park, overtaking is very difficult, so a good start and strong nerves are required. Danny got the jump on Lee off the line and through Old Hall and Cascades they were in a sort out with the Ducatis which had both made good starts from the third row. End of lap one; Danny P6, Lee P7.
Lee dropped back behind Brookes and for the next 11 laps was stuck behind him, looking for a way by. He made it through on lap 13 and immediately was on the back of Ray, passing him a lap later – P6. Next he closed in on the Irwin brothers battling on their Hondas. Penultimate lap into Lodge, the last corner, and he out-brakes the first Honda which then turns straight back underneath him. Last lap battle with both Hondas and over the line he split them – P5! But… then the screen changed to show Lee P6, 0.050 behind Glenn Irwin who had been passed by brother Andy who was a further 0.1 ahead. So, Lee ended up just over a tenth of a second from P4. Great ride.
Meanwhile, Danny had been battling in the lead group with Iddon, O’Halloran, the Irwins and Ray. Past Ray on lap five, up to P5, but was unable to make further progress in the tight group until lap 13 when the two Honda riders ran slightly wide at Lodge. Danny was hard on them and turned underneath – thank you, P3! He proceeded to close on the two leaders and gap the Hondas, leaving them to Lee. At the line, Danny was 0.8 behind winner O’Halloran with Iddon between them. Great result and his and our first podium of the year. ‘bout time too…
On the last lap the three leaders recorded their fastest laps, all qualifying pace. Danny’s 34.9 would see him line up P3 on the grid. Lee was caught out by the close times and a tenth of a second made the difference between P5 and P9 which is where he’d have to start race two. Clear run for Danny but looks like a lot of overtaking for Lee to do, again.
Good day all round for the team.

Warm Up.
A quick 10-minute wake up run in the sun at high-noon. We don’t start until mid-day on Sunday because of the local noise rules.
No dramas – important with only an hour until the first race of the day. Both lads ran for six laps, times in the mid to high 35s. Tried a few small things ahead of the races.
All good and ready to go.

Race Two.
Stalemate at the front. Danny set off with O’Halloran and Iddon and they stayed in their grid positions all race long. 18 laps of 1.34 and low 1.35 laps. No one made a mistake, so it turned into a super high-speed parade to the podium. Crossing the line just 1.1 behind O’Halloran, another strong result for Danny and the team as he stood on the third step of the podium.
Lee had all the fun. Constrained by his P9 grid position he made a strong start and settled into P9 behind Ray and Mackenzie. By lap six he had passed both and set off after Glenn Irwin who he got ahead of two laps later, P6. Next up was Andy Irwin. Lee got his head down but on lap nine his marker did not come up exiting sector two, only to pop up three seconds later with Lee showing in P10. He’d run a bit deep in to Hissy’s Chicane and rather than risk cutting in on the grass he ran through the long-lap penalty route. Half race distance. He set off again at an even quicker pace and started re-passing people; (Glenn Irwin retires, lap 12) Mossey, lap 13, Mackenzie, lap 14, Ray, lap 15 and finally Andy Irwin on lap 17. Incredibly, Lee finished in fifth place, six seconds behind next man Brookes and nine behind Danny who had gapped Brookes in the closing laps. What a ride. In commentary, James Whitham called him ‘the silent assassin’!
Good news is that in his frustration after his mistake, Lee set the second fastest lap time. Danny’s best was third fastest so both Rapid Fulfillment Kawasakis would line up on the front row. Hopefully less overtaking for Lee to do and the chance of a strong result for both bikes.

Race Three.
Here we go. Lee led for at least 30 metres down to Old Hall but slightly over ambitious ran wide letting Iddon and O’Halloran through. They had both jumped Danny as well, so away to Cascades it was Lee P4, Danny P5.
Lee hung on tenaciously to the front three. Close behind initially, Danny started to slip back and ended up dicing with Glenn Irwin and Ray in the second group. Irwin found a way past on lap nine, but Danny retaliated at Lodge three laps later and retook fifth place. At the flag at the end of lap 18 he was eight seconds back from the leading group, strange after two podium performances. As we’d only polished his bike and very lightly breathed on the engine mapping, it had to be something else. Describing the feel of the bike and grip level, it quickly became obvious to Matt, Danny’s crew chief, that the rear tyre hadn’t performed as expected. It does happen from time to time and is really frustrating for both the rider and the team. Still, after some difficult days, we all agreed that two podiums and a P5 represented a decent weekend’s work for Danny.

Lee just didn’t give up. As the two Ducatis and the Yamaha slugged it out he was in their shadows. At one point O’Halloran slipped back and Lee was looking for a way by. A couple of times he fell a second behind – which is quite a way at these speeds – but soon he was right with them again. No way to pass when the man in front is looking for a way by too. Last lap, last corner. Lodge again. Iddon had made a mistake on the previous lap so Brookes had a clear lead. O’Halloran wanted second but as they almost tangled in their last moment braking manoeuvres, Lee sensed an opportunity. He turned tight, just as Danny had done in race one. Lee had a clear run through Deer Leap and over the line, 0.2 covered the three. We had no idea if he’d pulled it off until Lee’s name came up in P3 – podium for him too! After 18 laps, minus 100 metres, staring at the Yamaha’s exhaust pipes, he’d pipped Jason to the line by 0.096…

James Whitham in commentary again; Lee is now officially the fastest plumber in Lincolnshire. In case you didn’t know, Lee is on the road in his van at 7.30am the morning after each BSB round to earn an honest living on the tools.

Championship Table.
Danny’s haul of 43 points made his tally look much more respectable. Clear of Ray and closing in on Andy Irwin, but still in tenth place. Lee clocked up another 37 points taking his total to 115, leapfrogging Andy Irwin into eighth place and closing to within five points of Silverstone double winner, Kyle Ryde.
Both bikes on the front row of the grid for the final race and and three P3 podiums, featuring both Danny and Lee, finally demonstrated our true potential.
Big thanks must go to our sponsors and specialist suppliers – they’re all featured on our website. We couldn’t do it without them

Next Time.
Our rather obvious plan is to carry the Oulton Park momentum to round five on the Grand Prix layout at Donington Park. The nature of the track will suit some of the bikes that didn’t feature at Oulton, while all the usual suspects will be keener than ever with only six points-scoring races remaining. Two more steps on the podium for Danny and Lee podium to fill.
I’m saying nothing about spectators this time. Just hope we will be running without any further government restrictions.
Nigel. Team Principal.

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Race Report from Eazi-Grip WSBK supported Team Go Eleven

In the Warm Up Michael took to the track with the aim of trying the race pace with the SC0. Right from the start he proved to be competitive, among the best in terms of race pace.

Warm Up:
P 1 M. Van der Mark 1.42.325
P 2 S. Redding +0.026
P 3 M. Rinaldi +0.109

In Superpole Race the 24 year old from Romagna starts badly from the second row. During the first lap he is eleventh and there isn’t lot of time to come back, with only a 10 laps-long race. He sets his pace, following his brand-mate Chaz Davies, and manages to recover up to sixth place. Excellent starting position for Race 2, second row defense done!

Superpole Race:
P 1 M. Van Der Mark 17’07.732
P 2 J. Rea +2.372
P 3 L. Baz +2.923

P 6 M. Rinaldi +6.487

It’s hard to find the words to speak about Race 2! Michael started like a thunderbolt, immediately standing in second position close to Van Der Mark, then he passed him taking the lead and trying to create a small gap. Chaz Davies, winner of the second race, took the lead on the fourth lap; the Go Eleven rider followed him for a few laps, during the sixth one he felt faster and tried the attack on turn 6, going a little bit wide and climbing in fourth place behind the Yamaha team. 2 laps of difficulties where he was also overtaken by Rea, but then head down and hammer time. Overtaking Rea at the end of the straight towards the middle of the race and podium goal in mind. The number 21 manages to close the gap tenth on tenth until the first white smoke comes out from the rear of the Ducati. Two laps from the end he was forced to leave the race, just when he was smelling the podium. Finishing the race on the gravel hurts, it hurts very badly, but there remains the awareness of being fast and consistent on all tracks and in all conditions. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya did not give the Piedmontese team what it hoped for, the points collected were less than those within our reach; in two weeks it is already time to be again on track. WorldSBK moves to France, Magny-Cours track, 2/4 October!

Race 2:
P 1 C. Davies 34’29.729
P 2 M. Van Der Mark +2.460
P 3 G. Gerloff +2.559

DNF M. Rinaldi

From all of Team Go Eleven, our congratulations go to Chaz Davies and Garrett Gerloff: Chaz, great win, you deserve it all; Garrett the first podium is never forgotten!

Michael Rinaldi (Rider):
“It was a weekend in which we collected less than we could collect because in both races we could have finished on the podium. Yesterday we made a wrong tyre choice, but it fits, without having been able to try before, it was a calculated risk, while today I fought for the first position, then I made a mistake and came back fifth. Then I got there with my pace, I passed Johnny again and I was going to pick up the two Yamahas, we could have easily been on the podium. As I approached the top three, the engine dropped and then broke. I don’t have much to say, I couldn’t do anything different, I gave my all but with two laps to go I was forced to retire. That’s a pity because it could have been two podiums, we wasted a few points in this race!”

Denis Sacchetti (Team Manager):
“Today didn’t go well, Michael had the pace to be on the podium, he proved it both in the Superpole Race and in the Warm Up. In Superpole Race we started with the SC0, unlike almost all the others who had soft tyres and we still got a good performance by finishing sixth. In race 2 Michael got off to a great start fighting for the top three positions, in the last laps he could easily try the assault on the podium, but unfortunately he was stopped by a technical issue one lap from the end. The weekend is still positive because we have always shown ourselves up front, fighting for the podium and for the main positions; however, we did not collect what we deserved in the two races. Michael was good, the team worked well and we have nothing to complain about. Now let’s go to Magny-Cours, the penultimate Round of the Championship, with high motivation and the awareness of being able to achieve excellent results!”

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Eazi-Grip Supported Rory Skinner Extends Championship Lead After Oulton Park Win

Quattro Group British Supersport Championship leader Rory Skinner returned to the top step of the podium in yesterday’s 15-lap feature race at Cheshire’s Oulton Park, in a thrilling race that saw him pushed all the way by Tysers Yamaha team-mate Brad Jones.

The 18-year-old from Perth finished a close second to Jones in Saturday’s 12-lap sprint race, and Skinner and his team made some radical suspension changes to their Yamaha YZF-R6 overnight, which immediately resulted in them setting their fastest lap times of the weekend in the Sunday afternoon warm-up session.

After making a relatively steady start from third on the grid, Rory slotted in behind his team-mate and moved into the lead at the end of lap two. From there he was never headed, although Brad remained right in his slipstream throughout, as the two Team Appleyard Macadam Racing prepared bikes pulled away from the pack at a pace of almost a second a lap. Rory ran every single lap in the 1:38 bracket and crossed the line just 0.303 seconds ahead of his team-mate, the biggest gap between them in the whole race, to pocket his seventh race win of the campaign and extend his series lead over second-placed Jones to 73 points with four races remaining. Bradley Perie took the final podium slot, 14 seconds behind the Tysers Yamaha duo, after winning a thrilling seven way battle.

“Those were two brilliant races with Brad,” said Rory. “We’ve been a little slower to get up to speed this weekend, as Oulton Park is a unique and challenging track and this was my first time here on a Yamaha. We didn’t quite find the set-up to take it to Brad on Saturday, but we made some big changes to the bike for Sunday and I was able to watch the race back and see ways to improve my own lines for feature race. The team have done a brilliant job this weekend. Brad pushed me all the way and a double one-two is our best result of the season, which is reward for all their hard work.”

Racing resumes at Donington Park in two weeks’ time.

Image credit Bonnie Lane

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Chaz Davies is the 7th Different Winner at the World SBK

Chaz Davies became the seventh different winner of the 2020 WorldSBK season while American star Garrett Gerloff scores his first WorldSBK podium

Race 2 from MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship’s was full of drama and intrigue at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya as Chaz Davies (ARUBA.IT Racing – Ducati) claimed his first win of the 2020 season and became the seventh different winner in 2020, while American rookie Garrett Gerloff (GRT Yamaha WorldSBK Junior Team) claimed his maiden World Superbike podium.

Davies was able to get to the front in the early stages of the races before taking the lead and controlling the race, withstanding pressure from Tissot Superpole Race winner Michael van der Mark (PATA YAMAHA WorldSBK Official Team) after the pair passed each other in the first half of the race. Van der Mark then fell into the clutches of Gerloff after the American made a sensational start from fifth place to run in the top three, putting pressure on van der Mark all race.

Gerloff passed van der Mark for second place on the last lap but a mistake from Gerloff on Lap 10 allowed the Dutchman through for second; Gerloff coming home in third place. Davies held on to win his 31st race in his career, equalling Colin Edwards on the all-time list of winners. Gerloff’s podium means he becomes the first American to stand on the WorldSBK podium since Nicky Hayden in 2016.

Championship leader Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK) extended his lead at the top of the standings with fourth place, finishing five seconds clear of Tom Sykes (BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team). Scott Redding (ARUBA.IT Racing – Ducati) finished in sixth place after being passed by Sykes with just a couple of laps to go. Rea had lost ground at the start, but was able to regroup to finish in fourth place and take a 51 point lead into the next round at Magny-Cours.

Eugene Laverty (BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team) secured his best result of the season with seventh place as he showed more impressive pace, ahead of Alex Lowes (Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK) in eighth. Leon Haslam (Team HRC) was the sole Honda rider in Race 2 and finished in ninth, with Loris Baz (Ten Kate Racing Yamaha) in tenth after losing lots of ground at Turn 1 at the start.

Jonas Folger’s (Bonovo Action by MGM Racing) impressive wildcard weekend continued as he battled his way from the back of the grid to 11th place; Folger not setting a time in Tissot Superpole and missing out on a top nine starting grid for Race 2 by the smallest of margins. Federico Caricasulo (GRT Yamaha WorldSBK Junior Team) was 12th after starting from the back of the grid; Caricasulo penalised for irresponsible riding in the Superpole Race after a collision with Haslam

Lorenzo Zanetti (Motocorsa Racing) scored points after being called up to the Championship on Friday evening with 13th place while Takumi Takahashi (MIE Racing HONDA Team) and Xavi Fores (Kawasaki Puccetti Racing) completed the points-scoring positions.

Alvaro Bautista (Team HRC) did not start the race following a technical issue on the sighting lap; the Spanish rider, who was declared fit following his dramatic highside crash in the Tissot Superpole Race, pulling off the track shortly after leaving the pit lane. Samuele Cavalieri (Barni Racing Team) crashed out in the early stages, while Sylvain Barrier (Brixx Performance) and Valentin Debise (OUTDO Kawasaki TPR) had a coming together on Lap 17 while battling for 15th place. Michael Ruben Rinaldi (Team GOELEVEN), who had been running in the top four for the majority of the race, had a technical issue in the latter stages of the race forcing him to retire from the race on Lap 19.

Championship Standings:

1 Jonathan Rea Kawasaki 290
2 Scott Redding Ducati 239 -51
3 Chaz Davies Ducati 188 -102
4 Michael Van Der Mark Yamaha 178 -112
5 Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha 157 -133
6 Alex Lowes Kawasaki 145 -145
7 Michael Ruben Rinaldi Ducati 144 -146
8 Alvaro Bautista Honda 94 -196
9 Loris Baz Yamaha 91 -199
10 Leon Haslam Honda 88 -202
11 Tom Sykes BMW 70 -220
12 Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 68 -222
13 Eugene Laverty BMW 45 -245
14 Federico Caricasulo Yamaha 41 -249
15 Xavi Fores Kawasaki 37 -253
16 Marco Melandri Ducati 23 -267
17 Sandro Cortese Kawasaki 14 -276
18 Leandro Mercado Ducati 12 -278
19 Maximilian Scheib Kawasaki 11 -279
20 Jonas Folger Yamaha 9 -281
21 Sylvain Barrier Ducati 5 -285
22 Christophe Ponsson Aprilia 4 -286
23 Roman Ramos Kawasaki 4 -286
24 Matteo Ferrari Ducati 4 -286
25 Takumi Takahashi Honda 4 -286
26 Lorenzo Zanetti Ducati 3 -287

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Eazi-Grip supported Jason O’Halloran Dominates Oulton Park

Jason O’Halloran and McAMS Yamaha launched themselves into contention for the 2020 Bennetts British Superbike championship with a stunning double victory at Oulton Park this weekend.

After a clever ride saw the Aussie take the spoils in the opening race on Saturday, he wouldn’t have to wait long to return to the top step as he made the most of another pole position start to dominate the second outing.

Taking the holeshot, O’Halloran led the way from lights to flag despite Ducati’s Christian Iddon keeping him honest throughout. The victory saw him close the gap to the championship lead to just five points ahead of the day’s final race at Oulton Park.

Starting the second race fourth, team-mate Tarran Mackenzie got a strong start but struggled with the bike fully fuelled in the early stages, before mounting a comeback later in the race to take a solid sixth.

O’Halloran set off for the final race from fourth on the second row of the grid, launching off the line to sit second after the race start. He’d move back to third in the early stages where he’d remain for the remainder of the race, just unable to secure a pass on the defensive Christian Iddon. Clipping the Ducati as he looked up the inside on the final turn of the last lap, the Aussie would then lose drive onto the straight and miss out on a sixth consecutive rostrum finish, crossing the line fourth. Team-mate Mackenzie was ninth.

O’Halloran’s magnificent weekend, which saw him crowned Bennetts Rider of the Round by Eurosport Viewers, launched him from fifth in the standings to second, just two points off the championship lead with six races remaining across the final two weekends – meaning it’s all to play for at Donington Park and Brands Hatch with O’Halloran having been the most consistent rider of 2020 with more podiums so far than any of his title rivals.

A solid points haul for Mackenzie moves him up to sixth overall, 53 points off the title lead.

Bennetts British Superbike Championship standings after Oulton Park

  1. Glenn Irwin (Honda Racing) 178
  2. Jason O’Halloran (McAMS Yamaha) 176
  3. Josh Brookes (VisionTrack Ducati) 168
  4. Christian Iddon (VisionTrack Ducati) 166
  5. Tommy Bridewell (Oxford Products Racing Ducati) 134
  6. Tarran Mackenzie (McAMS Yamaha) 125
  7. Kyle Ryde (Buildbase Suzuki) 120
  8. Lee Jackson (Rapid Fulfillment FS-3 Kawasaki) 115
  9. Andrew Irwin (Honda Racing)
  10. Danny Buchan (Rapid Fulfillment FS-3 Kawasaki) 90

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Eazi-Grip Supported Beaubier Wins Again At Barber Motorsports Park

Between races Cameron Beaubier has to keep pinching himself to see if all of this is real. That’s what happens when you win 13 races, have six more left in the season and you know that, barring an issue, you will probably end the year with 19 wins.

Such is life for the four-time MotoAmerica Superbike Champion in 2020.

Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha’s Beaubier won his 13th race of the year on Sunday at Barber Motorsports Park, a day after winning his 12th of the season and the 50th of his stellar AMA Superbike career. Today’s was similar to the other 12 wins with Beaubier jumping out front off the line, storming away at an unmatchable pace, and then maintaining that lead to the finish. At the line he was 5.125 seconds clear of second-placed Mathew Scholtz.

“Obviously, my game right now is just to try to get out front early and try to take advantage of the good rubber and try to manage my gap if I have one,” Beaubier said. “There towards midway I had a pretty good, I don’t know if they showed it or not, but I had a pretty good (front end) tuck. I almost crashed out of Charlotte’s Webb. The wind was kind of gusting. Some laps you’d go in there and you’d have a pretty big push, other laps you’d brake early. The wind was pretty tricky for me. I don’t know about these guys, but I was definitely getting blown around out there more than I was yesterday. After that happened, I just tried to kind of settle down. My gap started going down and Matty (Scholtz) started catching me a little bit. I just kept trucking along and brought it home. It’s been amazing. It’s just crazy. It’s crazy the year I’ve been having and just how fun and how hard the team is working. It’s so good to come in at the end of the session and you debrief with your guys and you take it seriously and all that, but then when they’re loading up the truck and leaving everyone’s just joking around. As a rider it’s so good to see those guys having a good time and enjoying their job like I am. It’s been an incredible year so far.”

Westby Racing’s Scholtz earned his 10th podium of the season and moved to just one point behind Beaubier’s teammate Jake Gagne in the battle for second in the HONOS Superbike title chase. Gagne was in the battle early but ran into clutch trouble that slowed him to an eventual fifth-place finish.

“It was pretty good,” Scholtz said of his race. “I don’t really know what happened with the start. I got shuffled back to fourth or fifth place and I had to make a sketchy move to get up to second. I knew that Cam (Beaubier) had a really good pace. Jake (Gagne) passed me and with his warm-up time I knew he would be quick too. So, I didn’t really try to fight him too much. I was hoping I would go with him and try to maybe get up to Cam. But then I saw something happen to Jake’s bike, which was unfortunate. Then I kind of put in a few decent laps. I saw that the gap back to third was actually getting bigger so I kind of started chilling out. Then I noticed that Bobby (Fong) was sort of catching me at a pretty drastic pace, so I had to stir things back up. I will definitely take the second place. I think we have our work cut out for us, but we made pretty decent steps forward today.”

Bobby Fong rode his M4 ECSTAR Suzuki to third place, the Californian getting back on the podium after a three-race hiatus from the top three. Fong closed on Scholtz at the end of the race, eventually finishing less than a second behind the South African.

“It was good,” Fong said. “We were struggling a little bit this weekend. Yesterday we had a little mishap with the motorcycle, but we bounced back today. I wish I was there at the beginning of the race. I don’t know what I was doing. I felt like I lost a few seconds in the first beginning laps, but once we got the momentum, we started clicking off some pretty good times at the end. I could see Matty (Scholtz). I was gaining on him a little bit at the end. Toni (Elias) kept me honest, for sure. It was plus zero for most of the race. I gained two seconds and then he got it back down to one. So, he was definitely keeping me honest out there and making sure I hit my marks. We’re happy to get back on the podium and looking forward to increasing our pace in the beginning of the race.”

Fong’s teammate Toni Elias ended up fourth, some 10 seconds ahead of the struggling Gagne, who in turn was some 22 seconds ahead of Scheibe Racing BMW’s Josh Herrin. Ride HVMC Racing’s Corey Alexander was seventh with FLY Racing ADR Motorsports’ David Anthony ending up eighth.

Travis Wyman Racing’s Travis Wyman was ninth, one spot better than his brother Kyle, on the KATO Fastening/KWR Ducati. Kyle Wyman was running fifth when he had an off-track excursion.

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Eazi-Grip supported team Honda Racing lead the way as the British Superbike Championship heads to Oulton Park

This weekend (18/19/20 September) the Bennetts British Superbike Championship reaches the second half of the 2020 season at Oulton Park, where Honda Racing top the championship standings with Glenn Irwin, as well as the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Championship with Tom Neave – both aboard the new CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP.
With a 35-point lead ahead of the weekend’s triple-header, the team arrives at the picturesque Cheshire circuit with a clear focus of securing solid finishes across the three races in order to maintain the series lead.
Just shy of a podium finish last time out at Silverstone, Glenn’s trio of fourth place finishes were enough to edge further ahead of his title rivals. Teammate Andrew Irwin will also be looking for a series of strong finishes as he aims to improve his position in the standings where he’s currently sitting eighth with 83 points.
On the Superstock side of the garage Tom currently heads up the championship with a six-point lead, having won three out of the five races this season with the new Fireblade, but in a hugely competitive field this weekend’s two races will prove vital for his championship. Davey Todd is looking forward to continuing his short circuit return and build on his season, where he continues to run with the front runners.
Practice begins on Friday 18 September with qualifying and Round 10 on Saturday, ahead of Rounds 11 and 12 on Sunday.


#18 Andrew Irwin

Silverstone was a tough weekend, but we showed we still have speed, we’re just maybe not able to put the races together at the minute. But it was three finishes and that’s what I said I needed, so we go into this weekend carrying some momentum. When you ride Oulton with a bike that’s working well it’s probably one of, if not, the nicest circuit in the UK we get to ride, so I’m looking forward to it and getting back to hopefully close to where we should be. I’m going to enjoy the weekend as much as I can and not get caught up in taking it too serious. I think I need to relax a bit and enjoy doing what I love – I race motorbikes because I love bikes and sometimes you can lose that little bit of fun when you take it too serious, so just maybe take one step back to go two steps forward and enjoy it again.

#2 Glenn Irwin

We arrive at Oulton Park knowing who’s strong and now also who is getting stronger as the season progresses. We’ll go into this round the same as every weekend concentrating on us and keeping this cool, calm attitude, and working closely with the team. I’m excited to see what the Ducati boys can do, as they are our closest rivals in the standings, but I’m also excited to see what we can do. We have a great package with the new bike and historically the Fireblade has always been strong at Oulton Park, recording wins and podiums in the past, so I don’t see any reason why we can’t come out having enjoyed a strong weekend with our title dreams still in reach.

#68 Tom Neave

I am looking forward to Oulton, but out of all the tracks we go to it’s always been a bit of a grey area for me, I enjoy riding all the circuits on the calendar, but I’m never sure what Oulton Park is going to throw up, it’s always close racing there and it’s a physical riders’ track. I’ve won with the new Fireblade this year at circuits I’ve not won at before, so there’s no reason why we can’t continue that into the weekend, we’ve obviously got form as we’ve taken a win at each round so far. After watching the second race at Silverstone back, I’m really fired up for the weekend – I was too easy on the start and didn’t get my head down. I feel like this weekend I have a bit of a point to prove to myself, I only have a six-point lead which isn’t much of a gap, so it’s straight down to business this weekend, qualify well and get that gap increased!

#74 Davey Todd

Oulton Park is a special place for me as in 2016 I won my first Superstock 600 race there. It’s one of those circuits I think everyone loves to ride, I could ride there every day and not get bored! It’s super-technical and probably one that’s most like a road-race circuit, it’s bumpy, rough, with a few little jumps which suits my off-road/supermoto background. We’ve only been making steps forward with both myself and the Fireblade and we’re getting stronger each round, if we keep moving that way, I’ll be happy. We’re pretty much there, the lap times are quick, I just need to learn my race craft for sure a little bit more. Maybe qualify a bit better, I’m stronger in practice, but in qualifying I seem to not get space on track, so I know what I need to work on and am pretty confident if we crack that it’ll be a good round.
Weekend Schedule – Rounds 10/11/12
Oulton Park: 
Friday 18 September: 
1150 – SSTK              FP1
1520 – BSB                FP1
1615 – SSTK              FP2
Saturday 19 September: 
0915 – BSB                FP2
1045 – SSTK              Qualifying
1215 – BSB                DATATAG Qualifying
1440 – SSTK              Race 1 (14 laps)
1615 – BSB                Race 1 (16 laps)
Sunday 20 September: 
1315 – BSB                Race 2 (18 laps)
1510 – SSTK              Race 2 (14 laps)
1640 – BSB                Race 3 (18 laps)

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Eazi-Grip Supported Team McAMS Yamaha Hoping to Carry Momentum to Oulton Park

After a sterling performance at Silverstone, the McAMS Yamaha team are looking to carry the momentum into rounds 10/11/12 of the 2020 Bennetts British Superbike Championship which take place at their home circuit, Oulton Park, this weekend.

The Fleetwood-based squad took a win and four further podium finishes last time out at Silverstone with Tarran Mackenzie and Jason O’Halloran on fine form with the 2020 YZF-R1.

Oulton Park marks the beginning of the second half of the condensed British Superbike campaign, but with nine races each weekend there are still 225 points to play for. Both O’Halloran and Mackenzie are within 20 points of second in the championship, meaning it’s all to play for heading into the final three events.

Having taken five podium finishes so far this year, O’Halloran sits fifth in the standings and is desperate to add to the impressive number of victor’s BSB has seen this year. Oulton Park has been a strong circuit for the Aussie in the past and a series of impressive results with a broken shoulder last year has him feeling hopeful ahead of the weekend.

Brimming with confidence after his victory at Silverstone, Mackenzie is also looking forward to visiting the picturesque Cheshire track as he believes the improvements found with the 2020 YZF-R1 will help him at a circuit where he has won in the support classes and has a best BSB result of fourth.

Practice gets underway on Friday afternoon ahead of a busy Saturday which sees the riders take to the track for a morning practice session, qualifying at lunch time and the opening race on Saturday afternoon before two final races on Sunday.

Jason O’Halloran
Championship Pos: 5th – 113 points
“Looking back on the first half of the season it’s been a good start to the year, I’ve been on the podium in five out of the nine races and we are in the mix. Oulton is one of my favourite circuits and I always look forward to going there. Last year I finished fourth with a broken shoulder so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do there fully fit and with the new R1.

“With three races every weekend there are a lot of points on the table in the final three rounds, but we need to keep racking those points up and ideally finish on the podium and if that’s the case we should be in a good position for the final couple of rounds.”

Tarran Mackenzie
Championship Pos: 7th – 101 points
“We had a great weekend at Silverstone and that was the result of a series of events as we tried to understand the new tyre. We didn’t change the bike from Snetterton to Silverstone and heading into Oulton this weekend we’ll keep it very similar for FP1.

“Oulton is a circuit I have been strong at in the past, I finished fourth there in my debut season in the superbike class and I’ve had a lot of success there in the lower classes. I think the improvements with the 2020 R1 should help there too, especially the extra revs. There are usually a few curveballs at Oulton with the weather but fingers crossed the sunshine stays for the weekend! The plan has to be to take as many points as possible to put us in a good position ahead of Donington Park and Brands Hatch. “

Steve Rodgers
Team Owner
“The first half of the year has been pretty good, over the first nine races we’ve had seven podiums including a victory for Taz at Silverstone, which has already bettered last year.

“With nine races remaining, everything is to play for and it’s super close between the six riders looking to chase down Glenn at the top of the standings and I’m pleased that includes both Jason and Tarran.

“The aim has to be for more podiums as if we can consistently be in the fight at the front, scoring decent points then hopefully we can still be in the mix at the end of the year.

“We are confident the new R1 will be competitive at Oulton Park, Jason was strong there last year with a broken shoulder and Taz is on top form at the minute too. Hopes are high, but as always with BSB, it’s never easy!”

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A Weekend Round Up of MotoAmerica at New Jersey

Eazi-Grip supported Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha’s Cameron Beaubier leaves New Jersey Motorsports Park and heads to Barber Motorsports Park this week with a massive 84-point lead in the 2020 MotoAmerica Superbike Championship.
While it’s too early to hand him the number-one plate with three rounds and eight races remaining the series, it’s about time to fire up the engraver.
Sunday’s win at NJMP came in a shortened race after a red flag was thrown on the second lap when Bradley Ward crashed his FLY Racing ADR Motorsports Kawasaki, putting debris on the racetrack. As he did on the first start, Beaubier grabbed the holeshot and never looked back, opening up a lead and maintaining it to the finish. At the completion of the 14 laps, Beaubier was 2.884 seconds ahead of his pursuers.
“Truthfully, I thought I was going to have a little advantage on these guys going into the second part of that race after the red flag because I was on that harder option tire,” Beaubier said. “I knew the softer tire heat cycles, and the grip definitely drops a little bit. I was riding as hard as I could from them. I was barely, barely inching away and sometimes I really wasn’t. I’m super happy that we had a good weekend here in New Jersey. It was an incredible weekend. We had perfect weather both days. It was great to ride in front of all these fans. We just need to keep going. We can’t get comfortable because both these guys keep making steps. We need to keep searching too. I’m just having so much fun riding right now and everything’s going good. I’m looking forward to getting on my bike at Barber. We had a good test there at the beginning of the season. Should be good.”
Two of those pursuing Beaubier raced to the bitter end with his teammate Jake Gagne drafting past another Eazi-Grip supported team, Westby Racing’s Mathew Scholtz, at the finish line by .014 of a second with the two fighting it out for the duration. In addition to the battle on track, that pairing is also fighting it out for second in the title chase. Gagne now leads Scholtz by just six points.
“Yeah, it’s a great way to finish it, obviously,” Gagne said of his weekend that featured two crashes. “It’s probably been one of the toughest weekends in a long time. Usually one crash in a weekend is enough, and that’s more than we need. But two days in a row and crashing out the first lap of the race yesterday is just always a bummer. But I learned from it. It was a good race. We were all a little bummed to see that red flag there in that first start. I think we all wanted to go – except maybe Cam, I think we all wanted to go the full distance there. But I got off to a good start. Ran around the first kind of half of the 14-lap race. I knew Mat (Scholtz) was right on me. I knew it was Mat. Then Mat came by me on the front straightaway and passed me into one. I got an opportunity to kind of check some stuff out. Like he said, there were some sections I had him a little bit, some sections he was faster than me. So, we were kind of teeter-tottering. Going into the last lap, I wanted to try to get him into one. I felt pretty good in one. I know he was really strong in there, but I figured if I maybe could get inside of him, but he closed the door. Didn’t let that happen. For me, I knew it was going to be really tough to try to make a pass anywhere. I knew Mat knows this track and it’s tough on Superbikes. You really got to push it in there. Once I didn’t make that pass in one, I was thinking about that last turn. I knew if I stayed on him, I felt like the last turn was one of my strong sections. I could kind of just get in his draft if I timed it perfectly. Luckily that’s what I did. I just timed that thing perfectly by a hair there. Hats off to Mat. It was fun battling. It was fun to bring a race down to the last lap. It feels like it’s kind of been a little while since that happened. Hats off to Cam. Hats off to Yamaha. It’s good to have a couple Yamahas back up here. We’ll be back at Barber in a couple days. Looking forward to it.”
Soon after Scholtz took over second in the final laps, both he and Gagne were baulked by lapped traffic but Scholtz may have gotten the worst of it which allowed Gagne to claw his way back for his last-lap attack.
“There were certain sections of the track that I was struggling with and where Jake (Gagne) was faster,” Scholtz said. “On the final lap I kind of got stuck behind Sam (Verderico). Jake definitely beat me. Hats off to him. But in the back of my mind I always kind of have that, if I didn’t catch Sam at that point. But it is what it is. I’m just very thankful to be up here on the podium after crashing in morning warmup. Well done to Cam (Beaubier). He’s absolutely flying. I’m kind of happy that we weren’t so far back behind Cam. Just really looking forward to Barber next week. It’s definitely the strongest track for me. I know Cam and Jake both go well there too, so let’s do some more battles.”
Bobby Fong was next, the M4 ECSTAR Suzuki rider finishing some four seconds ahead of his teammate Toni Elias, the Spaniard failing to match the pace that earned him his first podium of the season on Sunday.
KATO Fastening/StoneCastle/KWR Ducati’s Kyle Wyman was sixth after finishing fourth on Saturday, the New Yorker getting the better of Altus Motorsports’ Cameron Petersen on Sunday. FLY Racing’s David Anthony rode his Suzuki GSX-R1000 to ninth with Travis Wyman Racing’s Travis Wyman rounding out the top 10 on his BMW.
After six rounds, Beaubier leads Gagne by 84 points, 275-191, with Scholtz third on 185 points. Fong is fourth with 138, 22 clear of Elias and 26 ahead of Wyman.

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Rea Triumphs After Epic Battle With Eazi-Grip Supported Rinaldi at the WSBK This Weekend

Jonathan Rea took a thrilling win in race two at the World Superbike round at Aragon to increase his lead over championship rival Scott Redding.

The five-time world champion battled with Redding in the early stages and later fought off the challenge of Michael Ruben Rinaldi, who was second.

Rea now enjoys a 36-point advantage over Redding, who earlier won the Superpole sprint race from Rea.

Rea’s eighth win of the season takes his overall tally to 96 WSB successes.

The Northern Irishman started second on the grid but was quickest off line to take the early lead, only for Redding to execute a daring passing manoeuvre on the first lap.

A no-holds-barred dice ensued, with Rinaldi getting in on the action on the sixth lap, taking advantage of the dual in front of him by taking over at the front when Rea and Redding both went wide at Turn 8.

The Italian passed both previous frontrunners but Rea managed to regain top spot three laps from the end and maintain his lead to the line, winning by 1.2 seconds.

Rea survived a couple of big moments during the race, making a superb save after running wide while trying to pass Rinaldi and also another save at Turn 1 shortly after passing Rinaldi.

Redding completed the podium after a frantic race, followed by English riders Leon Haslam and Alex Lowes and then Dutchman Michael van der Mark.

Earlier, Ducati rider Redding halted Rea’s winning streak in the Superpole races by taking victory in the 10-lap sprint event at the Spanish circuit.

Redding overtook Rea on the opening lap and was never headed as he ended his title rival’s run of four Superpole wins this season and five in total.

Redding had lost ground in the battle for the title when he crashed out in the first race of the weekend, won by the ever-improving Ruben Rinaldi.

The GoEleven Ducati rider’s triumph on Saturday was the first of his World Superbike career – and also his maiden podium.

Honda-mounted Spaniard Alvaro Bautista came home fourth in the Superpole event, with Welshman Davies and Rea’s Kawasaki team-mate Lowes making up the top six.

BMW-mounted Northern Irishman Eugene Laverty finished in 14th position in both Sunday’s races.

Three rounds of the series remaining, with the next event at Catalunya on 18-20 September.

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Our Eazi-Grip supported teams had an amazing weekend at the Bennetts British Superbike Championship


Kyle Ryde delivered an inch-perfect performance in the final Bennetts British Superbike Championship race of the weekend at Silverstone, claiming his second victory after scoring his debut win for Buildbase Suzuki earlier in the day.

Ryde got an electric start from pole position to lead Glenn Irwin and Josh Brookes on the opening lap, but Jason O’Halloran soon dived ahead of his VisionTrack Ducati rival to grab third position, before snatching second place by the end of lap three.

Ryde was soon trying to make a break, and the Buildbase Suzuki rider executed it perfectly as he was able to edge an advantage over the chasing pack behind him where there was an intense battle for the podium positions.

O’Halloran was holding off Glenn Irwin, despite the McAMS Yamaha rider trying to get ahead of Ryde in the early stages of the race for the lead.

Christian Iddon meanwhile had moved into the mix for the podium fight, and by lap ten he was holding third place ahead of Tarran Mackenzie and Glenn Irwin.

At the halfway point of the race Iddon was able to make a decisive move on O’Halloran for second, but over the final ten laps he started dropping back through the field and on the final lap the battle for fifth was a Ducati dogfight.

Iddon had held the advantage from Brookes and Bridewell but as they crossed the line the trio had shifted with the Oxford Products Racing Ducati emerging ahead with Bridewell leading Brookes and Iddon across the finish line.

The battle for second meanwhile had intensified between the McAMS Yamaha teammates with Mackenzie able to fend off the challenges from O’Halloran to claim second place as they celebrated their strongest weekend of the season.

Glenn Irwin finished Round 9 in fourth place, but the points still give the Honda Racing rider the edge in the championship standings ahead of the next three races at Oulton Park later this month.

Lee Jackson was the highest placed Kawasaki as he finished in eighth place for the Rapid Fulfillment FS-3 Kawasaki team, with Andrew Irwin and Luke Mossey getting the better of Danny Buchan on the final lap to complete the top ten.

Bennetts British Superbike Championship, Silverstone, Round 9 result:

  1. Kyle Ryde (Buildbase Suzuki)
  2. Tarran Mackenzie (McAMS Yamaha) +1.549s
  3. Jason O’Halloran (McAMS Yamaha) +1.649s
  4. Glenn Irwin (Honda Racing) +3.421s
  5. Tommy Bridewell (Oxford Products Racing Ducati) +4.911s
  6. Josh Brookes (VisionTrack Ducati) +5.329s
  7. Christian Iddon (VisionTrack Ducati) +5.373s
  8. Lee Jackson (Rapid Fulfillment FS-3 Kawasaki) +5.481s
  9. Andrew Irwin (Honda Racing) +9.614s
  10. Luke Mossey (Rich Energy OMG Racing BMW) +10.144s

Bennetts British Superbike Championship standings after Round 9:

  1. Glenn Irwin (Honda Racing) 157
  2. Josh Brookes (VisionTrack Ducati) 122
  3. Tommy Bridewell (Oxford Products Racing Ducati) 122
  4. Kyle Ryde (Buildbase Suzuki) 114
  5. Jason O’Halloran (McAMS Yamaha) 113
  6. Christian Iddon (VisionTrack Ducati) 106
  7. Tarran Mackenzie (McAMS Yamaha) 101
  8. Andrew Irwin (Honda Racing) 83
  9. Lee Jackson (Rapid Fulfillment FS-3 Kawasaki) 78
  10. Bradley Ray (SYNETIQ BMW) 48

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Eazi-Grip Supported Rory’s winning streak runs to six with Silverstone double

Tysers Yamaha rider Rory Skinner extended his unbeaten run in the 2020 Quattro Group British Supersport Championship to six races with another double victory around the Silverstone National circuit, extending his championship lead to 66 points at the halfway point of the season.

This weekend’s races once again were held behind closed doors, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but broadcast live on TV. Having fought through from seventh to win Saturday’s 18-lap Sprint race after a small technical issue, the 18-year-old from Perth stamped his authority on today’s 24-lap Feature race – winning by almost seven seconds despite a period spent behind the pace car.

Starting from pole position, the former Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race winner grabbed the holeshot and had carved out a 1.6 second lead by lap four, before the safety car came out to neutralise the race and allow for debris from an accident to be cleared up.

Four laps behind the safety car saw the field bunch up, but at the restart Rory was again able to get the hammer down and break away from the following pack, taking the flag 6.760 seconds ahead of Tysers Yamaha team-mate Brad Jones, who won a thrilling battle for second place from Harry Truelove on another Yamaha.

“It’s been another mint weekend,” said Rory. “Silverstone is fast and very hard on tyres, but we used our track time really well during Friday’s free practices and were able to do a lot of laps on worn tyres, which really paid off in the longer race today. The Appleyard Macadam/Tysers Yamaha team have been brilliant. We had a small issue in the sprint race and the guys worked late into the night to change the engine. Today the bike was perfect and I was able to get the holeshot, for once, and ride my own race. I was a bit disappointed when the safety car came out, but I was able to find my rhythm again, break away from the battle for second and ride to my board. I’m really looking forward to Oulton Park in two weeks’ time. Hopefully we’ll be able to have fans at that event and I can’t wait to see what we can do there.”

Rory takes a 66 point advantage into the second half of the season, which starts at Cheshire’s challenging Oulton Park on the weekend of 18-20 September.

Image credit Bonnie Lane

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